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MidZone Countdown 2008

I just found out that I have 2 tickets AND backstage passes to the MidZone countdown party at Mid Valley. Can meet international DJs like DJ Stoneface & Terminal (Germany), DJ Mathew White (Hungary), VJ Sort (Kagawa, Japan), as well as our very own DJ Gabriel, Jungle Jerry and DJ Nesh backstage, take pic with them, get their autograph, etc. I think the tickets also include food and drink coupons.....Problem is, I can't seem to find anyone who wants to go, and kinda wasted rite if I don't go....the ticket alone is worth at least RM75. Hmm....So if anyone of you interested in going with me, call or message me on my phone ya......QUICK QUICK!!!
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Vietnam - Day 1

22nd Oct 2007 - Hellloooo Hanoi!!! Touched down at Hanoi airport at 8.45am. Back in Malaysia, I found a place online called APT Guesthouse; USD15 for a triple sharing room, comes with breakfast and free pickup from airport. Not bad, so we booked a room. Went out to meet the guy from the hotel who was supposed to pick us up. Hmm, no one there. Met this other guy who was waiting for some other people. He found out that we were waiting for the APT people, who knew so he helped us call them. Oh, did I mention that he was cute? Yum...APT guy finally arrived, and gosh, he was cute too! *swoon*

The drive into the city took about 45 minutes. Passed by quaint Vietnamese houses. They looked like Willy Wonka's house, only with colour....They were really tall, and really thin, and came in all the colours of the rainbow; pink, orange, blue, green, purple, yellow....I swear!!! And I also noticed that Vietnamese people have a thing about their honks. They can't keep their hands off them! Every 3 seconds there'll be someone honking. Serious!!! *beep* *beep beep* *beep* It's like Morse code on the road...and the ride was such a freaky experience! There were motorcycles, bicycles, cars, chickens, cows, humans just zipping left and right!!! Somehow everyone manages to avoid one another.....
Finally got to the hotel in one piece. And guess what? More leng chais came out of the hotel to take our bags. Wah, we booked a leng chai hotel ar??? :p Ahem, enough of my fantasies, back to the topic. So apparently, our room was not ready yet, so we decided to take a walk around town first. Loi, the guy working there gave us a map and some directions. We left our bags at the hotel and went exploring. Somehow, I ended up in charge of navigation.....First stop, Hoan Kiem Lake. There's a temple there linked by the Red Bridge, but you must pay 3000 Dong to enter the temple. Here lies the preserved body of a giant tortoise from the lake. Legend goes that King Le Loi was lent a magical sword by the king of the sea to fight off invaders, and the sword was reclaimed by a giant golden tortoise. Apparently, there're still giant tortoises in the lake. See if you can spot one...bring you good luck, you know!

Real 'jeruk'-ed turtle, I swear!!! I think....

Tortoise Tower, a pagoda on a tiny island in the middle of the lake. Sorry la, it's damn far out don't have such 'canggih' zoom...

After the temple, we wanted to get tickets for the Water Puppet show. Went to the theatre which was just across the road, but it was closed till 1.15pm. Dang....

A word of caution....if a lady selling stuff comes up to you and puts her basket thingy on your shoulders and asks you to take a picture, be suspicious, be VERY suspicious. Most probably you'll have to take your wallet out for that picture (read: forced into buying what she's selling). SissyDear was one such gullible victim, as evidenced by this picture.

It's only 11 something in the morning, but SissyDear was feeling hungry, so we went around looking for food. Found this little shop (and I do mean was more like, tiny) selling 'pho' (rice noodles). They were barbequeing some meat to be eaten with the noodles. We were sort of apprehensive with what kind of meat it was, tried asking the lady selling the noodles, but she didn't speak English. So we did the touristy thing....Mummi flapped her arms like a chicken and moo-ed like a cow....which of course resulted in laughter from all of us, noodle lady included. *swt* I still don't know what meat it was, but as long as it wasn't dog or cat, it's all good....

Bun Cha, which is basically noodles with barbecued meat and it came with a heaping basket of veggies. The noodles is kinda like bihun, only a little thicker and softer. The meat was in a soup that tasted a bit like they added vinegar inside, sweet and sour-ish. The first few spoons of the soup tasted fine, but after that it became a little too much for me....

Walked around after lunch. Mummi and SissyDear were in shopper's paradise. Those two can really shop! I was getting kinda tired and cranky after a few hours. At around 2pm, they decided to go back to the hotel to rest. Finally!!! Our room was ready. It was quite big actually, with air-conditioning, hot water, TV (with HBO, Cinemax, AXN, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet) and fridge. They even give towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and toilet paper! Oooo, and they even clean your room everyday! Not bad for USD5 per person, per night. Sweeeet....! We were so tired, we took a, for nearly 4 hours....woke up at dinner time. Big mistake. Should have gone and seen the sights more and not wasted so much time. Actually, it was kinda amazing that we managed to sleep that long. You see, our room was on the first floor, which is probably not the room to choose if you are a light sleeper....remember that I mentioned earlier, how the Vietnamese love their honks? Well, try sleeping through all that honking that is practically right out your window....

Went to try this place recommended in Lonely Planet, Cha Ca La Vong. Sells something called Cha Ca fish, which is grilled fish. And it's the only thing that they have there. Quite pricey, 70,000 Dong per person, drinks not included. Apparently, the whole street (Cha Ca Street) sells Cha Ca fish, so you can probably get it cheaper at another shop. Not sure bout the taste though.....

Some weird veggies I haven't seen before and pho which goes with the fish. The Vietnamese sure love their pho....They gave peanuts too, which I wasn't sure was an appetiser or was supposed to be eaten with the fish, cause it all came at the same time (I ate it with my noodles...hope there wasn't a Vietnamese somewhere there secretly laughing at me.... :s)

Cha Ca fish in a pan on a charcoal burner thingy. You're supposed to put the veggies in the pan to least, that's what the lady did.....Monkey see, monkey do.....

After dinner, me and SissyDear were planning our itinerary. And yup, we wasted some time today. Should have gone to see all the sights in the city, then we would have time to go on another day tour. As it is now, we have to choose between the Hoa Lu-Tam Coc tour or the Perfume Pagoda time for both. Sigh...

Went back to the hotel, and asked the girl working there, Thoa, what was there to do at night. She recommended that we go to Hoan Kiem lake for some ice cream, Thuy Ta Cafe. We were sort of expecting the special Vietnamese ice cream, but turns out, it was like what you can normally find in Malaysia. Not worth it some more, 13,000 Dong for a single scoop on a cone. The view of the lake at night was beautiful though. A lot of people come here at night to sit by the lake. Quite a number of couples there too.

Walked around a little, looking at the shops, mingling with the crowd, and I have to say this...I was in 'leng chai' heaven!!! Hehehe.....

Oh, and here's a guide on crossing streets in Vietnam:

  1. Summoning up the guts: Watch the locals cross. See how they miraculously get across in one piece? You can too!!!
  2. Offer up a prayer to the big guy above, and ok, now put your left foot out....and, no, don't put it back in...this is not the Hokey-Pokey ok???!!! This is a matter of life and death!!! Now, pay attention!!! Ok, left foot out, then right foot, left foot, repeat....
  3. When doing Step 2, make sure you are looking at the vehicles coming towards you. No, you are doing this so you can avoid them, you are looking to make sure that they are paying attention, and that they spot you, and THEY will avoid YOU. If not, then so sorry, your luck....
  4. WALK, DO NOT RUN!!!!! Do not make any sudden movements, or you'll just startle them and most likely make them run straight into you.
  5. Still alive? On the other side of the road already? Congratulations!!! *clap clap* You've managed to cross the road in Vietnam!

*If you still can't master the steps above, look out for any locals crossing the road and cross at the same time. Watch carefully where they step, and when they move. If this still doesn't work, then I also cannot help you already. Good luck waiting for the road to clear up enough so that you can cross.

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The EP

Aural Joint's EP is finally out! You can get it from band members (if you know them personally, of course, like me...!!!) or you can e-mail your request to them at

Oh, and their official website is out too....So, further info about the band, upcoming songs, albums, etc can be found here. Another thing, those of you who prefers MP3s, they're also available for sale at Aural Joint's website.
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After 29 days, the police have finally found the car. And caught the stupid asshole who stole it. Hope he rots in prison for a very, very long time.

Don't think can recover any of the other stuff that was stolen though....haih....

Hope that stupid asshole kena raped in prison also. >:(
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Just got back home at 1.30am yesterday. Unpacked, washed up and fnally went to bed at 2.30am. *snore* Practically slept the whole day away. Wake up, eat junk, watch tv, sleep, repeat. I think I was having withdrawal symptoms...bluerghhh...

Drove to college today. Had to reprogram my brain with Malaysian driving. Hands kept itching to press the horn every 10 seconds. Get your hands off that horn!!!

Damn, still feel so sluggish in class...jet lag can't last that long rite???? Must be all that bingeing last night.... x_x Luckily we just had a lab session and a tutorial. No brains required. We were free to do what we want. Thank god for little things.

Will be posting my travel journal for the next few days....if I can un-slug myself....*snore*
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IT support

*The following is a geek joke that even non-geeks like me can enjoy...hahahaha

Dear IT Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a slow down in the overall performance, particularly in the flower, gifts and jewellery applications that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 un-installed many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, but installed undesirable programs such as Formula One 5.0, NBA 3.0 and WorldCup 2.0. And now Conversation 8.0 no longer runs and House Cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do?

Desperate Housewife

Dear Desperate Housewife,

First keep in mind: Boyfriend 5.0 is an entertainment package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system. Try entering the command C:\ I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME and download Tears 6.2 to install Guilt 3.0. If all works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers3.5. But remember, overuse can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Late Night Teh Tarik 6.1. Late Night 6.1 is a very bad program that will create SnoringLoudly.wav files. Whatever you do, DO NOT install Mother-in-Law 1.0 or reinstall another Boyfriend program. These are not supported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have a limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. You might consider additional software to improve memory and performance. I personally recommend Hot Tasty Food 3.0 and Tongkat Ali 6.9.

Good Luck,
IT Support

So excited!!!

So excited!!! 68 hours, 27 mins and counting!!! *jumping up and down* Yippie-yai-yay!!! Can't wait!

So excited that I've even created like, a gazillion checklists to help me pack my stuff and get ready. ~Lalalala....~

So excited that I've already started packing my bag like, a week earlier already...but can't finish packing yet, coz I still need to use some of the stuff now, like my toothbrush and glasses and....stuff. *glum*

So excited that I'm even unpacking and repacking my bag...tee-hee *giggles*

So excited that someone needs to boink me on the head to get me to calm down....but not too hard ar...I dun wanna end up in the hospital with a concussion...that won't be good for my plans... :s

Tata!!! Don't miss me too much!!! *giggles*

P.S OMG, I'm giggling....*swt*....*giggle*
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Aural Joint

Latest updates on Aural Joint!!! They now have a new website here. I guess this will be their home till their official, official website is up and running. They have added their new songs too, so go and have a listen. Hey, maybe some big shot music producer will stumble across their MySpace page and offer them a record deal like they did our very own Che'Nelle.

Good luck Aural Joint!!!


What was supposed to be a family night out turned out to be a harrowing experience. The sight of that ajar gate was the first inkling I had that my night was going to be hellish. I could practically feel the blood draining from my face at that moment. But I had to be strong for my mum and not give in to the avalanche of emotions yet. There were other important things to see to, and I guess the shock hadn't quite set in yet.

It was only the following night, after I wasn't with my mum anymore that the full shock of it all finally hit me. After all, I didn't have anything to distract me from thinking bout it anymore. Your home should be the one place that you can feel safe and secure, but a single act of greed on the part of strangers can take that all away from you. How do you explain that feeling of violation, of knowing that strangers had trespassed on what was yours, of knowing that they went through your personal things? I had already gone through the experience once before, which was more terrifying because I was actually there when it all took place, and it took me ages to actually get back some semblance of security. For it to happen to me again, this should be enough to put me in a state of paranoia.

What is our society becoming? Some feel so proud of their gated communities with 24-hour security guards, saying that it is a symbol of a civilised society, but in actuality, to live in fear so much that you require around the clock protection, this is a sign of a degradation of civilisation. In today's time, everyone learns to be mistrustful of their fellow man. Even a sincere act of kindness is looked upon with suspicion nowadays.

We can never let our children out to play because of the fear of paedophiles, we can't walk down the road at night without being afraid of anything that moves...heck, we can't even feel safe in our own homes anymore. We keep adding bars, and grills, and locks, all in the hope that it will make us more secure. And soon, all of us will be living in prisons built by ourselves.
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Silence of the "friends"

The Situation:

Late Thursday night/Early Friday morning - Food poisoning. Feeling so crappy but still trying to finish my assignment. Finally can't take it anymore, threw up at 4am and went to sleep (or at least, tried to...)

Friday, 11am - Finally finished my assignment. Tummy still feeling queasy so still contemplating if I should go out later tonight. Will see later.

Friday, 5pm - After taking all kinds of medicine for food poisoning and some rest later, was feeling better. Tummy still feels like it's set on 'Slow Spin' but it was manageable. So decided to go tonight. Hey, it's so hard to get this bunch of people together, so I couldn't miss it right? Anyway, earlier on the people who asked me to go used the "We all friends go out just to enjoy together" trump card. Ok, told Emily I would be going but won't be opening bottle because I won't be drinking (drinking on a recently poisoned tummy??? I'm not suicidal you know....).

Friday, mamak, 10pm - Nicholas and Carles were collecting money for the bottles and I repeated again that I'm not opening with them.

Friday, at the club - Went in and sat down at the table. Later AaronL called and said he would be coming and wanted to open bottle with our table. Told Carles about it and he said "You telling me for what?!" in a most rude like manner. Erm, aren't you the one handling all the details???!! So ok, I told AaronL it would be better if he opened with his other friends who were at the club as well. Went to dance downstairs and most of the time I was at AaronL and Joseph's table. Didn't drink a single drop that night, not even the coke from my table.

Friday, mamak, after the club - Two groups of people from the club were there; one group from my table, the other group from Joseph's and AaronL's table. I was seated at one end with my own group and the other group were seated at the other end. Stanley came. Nicholas called him over to where he was sitting and they started talking. Then suddenly Stanley shouted at me "You! Come here I want to talk to you!" and Emily, who was sitting opposite Nicholas, was crying. What the hell is up la? Ok, went over to another table and sat down. Nicholas come also. Then Stanley started shouting at stuff like "What's wrong with you???!!! Why you don't want to pay??!!!", "This is the second time you are not paying", "You so cheapskate isit???!!!" and all his crap bout if you want to club for free then ask your father to open a club, bla bla bla.....Then I told them la, why should I pay for the bottle if I didn't even drink? And Nicholas started saying stuff like it's not fair to the other two girls who didn't drink also but paid, and that other people also think it's not fair. Then I said it's up to them la if they wanna pay, but I refuse to pay for something which I didn't even partake in. Then Nicholas said if you enter a club and sit down at the table then you have to pay, even if you don't drink. Continued arguing until I cannot tahan Stanley shouting at me anymore and bringing up the "second time you didn't pay" issue so I shouted back at him that the first time it was my birthday and they all belanja me, I didn't make them pay for me. Argue, argue, then Nicholas said "Well the solution now is that I 'pau' for the other two girls as well". Then he just got up and left. So ok, went back to the group and I told Joseph what just happened. My group all were having a discussion among themselves bout what just happened. So I just stayed at Joseph's side of the table la. Then later my group all just got up and left. No one came to even talk to me except maybe Keith who came and said bye. I was supposed to go home with Tuan Shen but I guess he forgot bout me too and walked away with them. So I got up and started to follow them but Jospeh told me that he'll send me home. But then my stuff was all at Tuan Shen car, so no choice, I had to follow him. At that same time I think Tuan Shen finally remembered me and came back to get me. So followed him home lor. It was the most uncomfortable ride home ever. There was this kind of uneasy silence between us, the only time we talked was when deciding which way to take home.

The Rant

1. The payment. I've already told them in advance that I wouldn't be opening bottle with them. And in the beginning, when Carles asked me to go, he said ladies don't have to pay. That was his exact words, "When clubbing, ladies don't have to pay". Maybe he meant don't have to pay for entrance, fine. So what's the problem now? I only did what you promised me, I got in the club without paying. I didn't even drink a single drop of your alcohol or coke, so why are you asking me to pay now? Then when we were arguing at the mamak, let's call it the Let's Intimidate Stephanie Session (LISS), I asked him "Did you pay anything to get me in the door?", he replied "NO, but blablabla....". Now, let's focus on the "NO". If you didn't pay anything to get me in, why should I be asked to pay anything now??? It's not like you rugi anything....And that stupid thing bout paying just for sitting down at your table, pay RM60 just because I put my ass on the couch??!!!! You've got to be kidding!!! And some more they wait until AFTER the club then only tell you that they expect you to pay. It's like saying "Surprise!!! You owe RM60 for sitting down. Now pay up.". If I knew they were gonna expect me to pay just for bringing me in I wouldn't have gone, or I would have asked Joseph to bring me in.

2. The LISS. Wow, two guys ganging up on one lone girl. So macho hor, so man hor....Stanley's not part of our group of friends. He's just Emily's boyfriend. He wasn't even at the club. He just came to pick Emily up. So why the hell did he stick his nose into something that had nothing to do with him anyway??? And yelling at me in front of the whole mamak like some wannabe gangster some more. You call yourself a man, yelling at a girl like that?? Ya, CAVEman la.....And Nicholas, wow, that one even more special, ask a guy who had nothing to do with the issue to help you bully a girl. Some more he can say "I dunno how to talk to you because I'm not close to you". Ya, so you go and call your gangster wannabe to be your backup la...Such a spineless worm. A piece of advice, GROW SOME BALLS!!!

3. The other girls paying. Hey, if you wanna cheat those girls who hardly club into paying for YOUR drinks, then shame on you! Celine only drank coke, which Nicholas said was free flow for him. So in other words, you are making her pay for YOUR drinking! Those of you who expects me to pay for YOUR drinking, even though I didnt even drink a drop, SHAME ON YOU. And let's do some math here ok?

RM60 x 3 girls who didn't drink / at least 18 people who were drinking = extra RM10 each person

Hey, extra RM10 for your own drinking and you are complaining??? And then you wanna call me cheapskate???!!! If you don't wanna pay the extra money, then stop opening more bottles!!! Stop drinking!!! Don't go and expect me to pay for what you drank then whine when I don't pay up.

4. The silence. The thing that hurt me the most was when not one person from my group stood up for me. No one said "Hey, why is this guy shouting at my friend?", no one came over during the LISS to ask "What's going on? Why are you two guys ganging up on a girl?". Some of them can get so worried bout a strange guy looking at another one of our girl friends, but no one was worried bout a guy shouting at me. And when I went back to the table, no one even came and offered me a kind look or word. No one came and supported me. No one asked me how I was. No one. It was like they all shunned me. And here I thought I had friends. I've always stuck up for them and comforted them when they were sad, but now, none of them have done that for me.

Well congratulations, you have managed to do what no one outside of my family has ever done. You have managed to be my undoing. You have managed to make me cry. Thank god Wawa replied my sms that day. He was the one comforting me at 5.45 am, even though he didn't even know what was going on because I still haven't told him what was wrong.

Up until today, no one from that night has called or sms-ed me to ask if I was ok. How wonderful is that?
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Dogathon 2007

Woof woof!!! It's baaaccckkkk!!! Organised by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), it's a chance for doggie lovers to meet and socialise. One of the main objectives is to raise funds which will be channeled towards the betterment of stray animals through welfare project “Pro-Kasih” (which is run by the Veterinary students) and to campaign against cruelty to animals. So show your support!!!

Last year's Dogathon theme was "Pirates", and this year it's "Kings and Castle: A Loyal Dog is A Royal Dog". There are a lot of contests which you can enroll your dogs in for a small fee (Dogathon Race, Agility Challenge + Best Trick, Master Hunt, etc). Or if you just wanna go and have a look see, then that's fine too! Heck, you don't even have to have a dog to join in the fun!

Venue: Bukit Ekspo, UPM
Date: 12th August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 7am - 2pm

Entrance is free, and the first 200 participants to register with their dogs will get a goodie bag.

A few reminders though...
  • If your girlie doggie is in heat, then you can't bring her to the Dogathon. We don't want chaos to ensue with the other boy dogs.
  • Please ensure that your doggies are tick and flea free. If upon inspection, your doggies are found to be infected, de-ticking or de-fleaing will be done by the Veterinary people there for a minimal fee.
  • Make sure you keep your doggies on a leash at all times! They will not be allowed to run free at the event.
  • Any sickly looking or abused dogs will not be allowed to participate in the event.
  • Bring lots of water for you and your dog coz it's an outdoor event, and it's gonna be very hot. Bring an umbrella too, just in case...
  • Make sure you bring lots of plastic poopie bags to pick up after your dogs! Don't you DARE let me catch you leaving your doggie's poopie all around...Slap you then you know....Have manners a bit and be considerate la!

I'll be bringing MiloDog and LiloWeelo to the Dogathon. Will YOU be there???

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Crocs 48-hour test drive

Yup...Crocs Inc, manufacturer of those funny, weird looking, yet comfortable shoes are letting customers take their latest models for a 48 hour test drive (models = shoes people, shoes! What you thinking la...? Pervs...). Best thing is, if you don't like it for whatever reason, you can just return it within 48 hours, no obligations. Of course, before you can actually take it out for a test drive you have to pay for the shoes first la...But you can get your money back if you return the shoes WITHIN 48 HOURS.

BigSissy has a Beach, JayJay has a blue Kids Cayman, and BabyTy has a green Kids Cayman. Now itchy backside, thinking of getting a Nile or a Beach also, but it costs RM129!!! But it IS comfy...perfect for that beach holiday I'm planning also...hehehe....You can even accessorise your shoes!!! You stuff these little thingys called Jibbitz into the holes of your Crocs (well, those models with holes anyway...) and voila, fashion slave in the making!

Crocs Beach

Crocs Nile

Crocs Kids Cayman (which is a smaller, cuter version of Beach)

Jibbitz Jibbitzes

Crocs with Jibbitzes

So if you wanna register for the test drive, head over to Crocs Concept Stores at Ikano Power Centre, or if you are up north, Queensbay Mall, Penang. But this test drive promotion thingy is valid till the 19th of August only, so you better hurry!

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Repeat after me : rat - a - too - ee.....
Ok, now say this: FREE - rat - a - too - ee - tik - its....

Yup, that's right...

"...Nuffnang is also giving away up to 75 tickets complementary tickets to our bloggers to watch Ratatouille at their convenience.

Because we understand that it’s lonely to watch a movie alone, we’re giving away 2 tickets to each blogger."
-Nuffnang maths may be a bit rusty, but if they're giving out 75 tickets only, with each blogger getting 2, does that mean that 1 blogger will have to get only 1 ticket...??? Or will there be an extra leftover ticket??? If that's the case, can I have that extra ticket???!!! Can I, can I, can I *Puss in Boots pleading face*????!!!
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Pictures of You

Moonflower reminds me of Australia,
Australia reminds me of you,
The park, where you secretly took my picture,
That long walk back to the apartment,
That night on the balcony...

One was born too soon,
The other, too late...
It wouldn't have worked out,
The difference was probably too great,
So now all I have is moonflower,
To trigger memories of you...

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Why la...???!!!

I just found out that tomorrow Carrefour and Tesco are gonna sell the latest Harry Potter book at RM69.90....Like, WTF???!!! *bangs head against wall* JJ kept on showing me the ad in the papers summore =_="....First he showed me the Tesco ad....then he pointed out the Carrefour ad on another page....Babi, dah la kena stab, knife kena twisted summore.....*bangs head against wall again*
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Still emo-ing...

Ok, I'm still in the emo state of mind, so sue me....

I've heard this song (Because I'm A Girl, by Kiss) before but never actually seen the video. My god, it was so touching! I actually thought that the photographer was such a jerk ass for leaving the girl after the accident, and that his assistant was gonna hook up with her...but guess I was wrong. Watch the video again, and the things that the photographer did will start to make sense....
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It's coming, it's coming!!!

As you all know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published soon (21st July 2007). If you didn't know, which rock have you been hiding under la??? I've always pre-ordered all my Harry Potter books (5 and 6 anyway...) and was supposed pre-order this latest one like ages ago, but kept on postponing it. Until a couple of days ago, I realised that the release date was just around the corner. Shit! Don't care la, this weekend die die also have to go and pre-order it. So yesterday night, after dinner, forced SissyDear to teman me to MPH. Got there, placed my order, and was told to pay a deposit of RM70. Ok, no prob...Then when the MPH lady was writing out the receipt, I felt something nagging at me. Hmmm, something's not right...wait a minute...DEPOSIT! The last Potter book I bought, I was required to pay RM50 deposit, and the book cost around RM80 something. Shit, I forgot that RM70 is not the total cost of the book.

"Err, excuse me, but how much does the book cost?"
"It should come up to around RM120 or RM130"
"*gasp* Really ah???"
"So is it ok?"
"Err, ya ya...oklah..."

Sigh, it's hardcover mah, so I guess no surprise there. And I guess it's ok lah, since I'm collecting the whole series....I actually started reading the 4th Potter book first (BigSissy got it for me from overseas), back when no1 had even heard bout Harry Potter or JK Rowling. Then I went to Australia and bought the 1st 3 books, the 1st ever books costing RM20 each which I had bought with my own money. But donkey SissyDear took the books (1, 2, 3) to her boyfriend's place, broke up with him, then kept on putting off going to his place to get her stuff. Then when she finally got the guts to go and see him, he had already moved away. !#$%^&#^&* She janji with me to 'pou' back the books, but that was 3 years ago, and still no sign of the books....haih...

Well, can't wait for the 21st of July!!! Should I camp outside the store ah...??? Hmmm....

P.S I still refuse to believe that Snape is evil!!!
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Feeling kinda melancholic lately....sigh...

Oh, and the video that I posted up (my 1st video on my blog!!!) is kinda long...So unless you're a sucker for sappy romance drama serials, I wouldn't recommend that you watch this....

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Memories *sniff*

I was just going through all my old Friendster testimonials. They made me laugh, then I felt like cyring. Some testimonials were from my old school mates, some of whom I haven't been in touch with for quite a while. Reading what they wrote for me made me remember the good times we had. I wonder what happened to us...we were such close friends, but somehow we just sort of drifted apart. We probably just got caught up in our busy lives, made new friends and just didn't keep in touch with the old ones. I guess life can be a bitch sometimes. Well, excuse me while I go and make some calls...

Are you or aren't you?

You know, I've noticed that foreign guys (FG) are more aggressive when they are chasing after a girl. He'll often call and sms her, and ask her out especially on weekends. He gets her little things and say "Just saw that and thought about you...". Whenever he's going out to a party or gonna hang out with friends, he thinks "Hmm, I wonder if she'll be interested in joining?" and proceeds to ask her along, and won't take no for an answer, even if it means he'll have to drive to the other end of the state just to pick her up.

For her birthday or Valentine's Day, he does something sweet and special for her to make it a memorable day. He gives her little compliments like "You look really nice today" to brighten up her day. He'll sneak out of class to accompany her when she's sitting all by herself.

With FGs, you can almost always tell when he likes you. On the other hand, local guys (LG) chase after a girl in such a lowkey way that sometimes the girl is left wondering "Is he into me? Or is he just treating me like a friend? Is he interested in taking our friendship further?". Furtive looks are the most lowkey tactic. I mean, it's okay if a girl does it, but come on guys, have some balls and just approach her la...(I'm old fashioned that way; guys should approach the girl first)

LG: *furtive look* OMG she's looking here!!! *look away*
Girl: Was he just looking at me??? OMG, does he like me *swoon*??? Hmm, but it was just a look, maybe I'm thinking too much.

And if LG doesn't ever approach her, this will probably go on till either
a) the girl losses interest in LG
b) they graduate and never see one another again OR
c) she gets herself another boyfriend *knife through LG's heart*

Either way, LG doesn't get the girl.

I'm not trying to say that all LGs are like that (some can be really sweet and romantic too), or that FGs are better than LGs...but it would be nice if more LGs were more straight forward when they are going after a girl. Seriously, girls would really appreciate it....I know I would.
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Argh, crap...

Registered for Nuffnang the other day, or more like, tried to...but I put the wrong email address!!! So they sent the activation mail to a non-existent email add!!! Tried to register for that email add but stupid Gmail refused to accept that log in name. Then tried to register again at Nuffnang but they wouldn't let me use my nick!!! "Nickname already taken" Ya, I know...I took it, but put the wrong email add!!! I want my niiiccckkkk *wail*!!! Oh, this is so crappy!

But Nuffnang will delete it sooner or later if that account isn't activated rite...rite?? Rite???!!!
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Support Aural Joint!

Aural Joint (previously known as Andronicus) is WeeWee's baby...he's damn proud of it (duh, who wouldn't be proud of their baby...) and he should be coz it ROCKS! Their album is coming out soon in early August (hopefully), so wait for it! Currently they have completed 2 songs...they both sound really good, but my personal favourite is 'Fall'.

Their instrumental version of 'Someonelse' is also the soundtrack for a movie in the Singapore Film Fest. Wah, don't pray pray ah....

They have seriously improved since their Andronicus days. Now they sound as good as those other Malaysian rock bands who are already receiving a lot of airplay on radios. WeeWee, when you are super-duper famous adi, dun forget me ah...!
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Emo, emo, emo...

Been staying up really late these few days weeks, all because of this stupid Taiwanese show on Astro AEC that I'm watching ('It Started With A Kiss', seriously not recommending this to anyone). Stupid, stupid show...the girl is so weird looking, the guy is not even that good looking, but somehow I just can't help myself! I'm a sucker for those 'girl meets guy, girl likes guy, guy sort of likes her but doesn't wanna show it' kinda shows. And I wasn't even planning to watch it! When you put a remote control in a bored TV addict's hands, shit happens.

And OMFG, the female lead character is so irritating. It's like she's so tak malu when it comes to chasing the guy. And her tactics not like to say works also. Makes her look so pathetic (cringe-in-mortification kind of pathetic)....The show airs at 9 pm but I usually have to catch the rerun at 2.30 am coz I'm watching my Chinese show on Wah Lai Toi at that time (can you say 'TV addict'???).

So now I'm going to classes looking like a zombie, hardly acknowledging anyone, and giving monosyllabic replies. Just excuse me when I'm emo-ing there by myself, it's nothing personal...Don't go and silently emo me back ya...

I still luv you guys...MUAX!!!
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The other day Celine told me that I could find out more bout who visits my blog if I joined Advertlets. Ok, so I did...but now I'm lost!!! What am I supposed 2 do next???!!! I'm so confused.....
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What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
ass (5x) dead (2x) murder (1x)"

Ceh...based on those words oni ah? I thought it would be rated by the number of f-words dat I use (coz I DO cuss a lot....). So kids, you have been warned....

Oh, and I checked out a few other blogs, and guess what, JJ's blog is rated G (General Audiences), "No bad words were found" ! Wah...JJ, you are such a good boy la....!

Rant #2

1. Bloody freaking headache is having a bloody freaking rave in my head.
2. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
3. I'm so sleepy that I'm daydreaming that I'm sleeping.
4. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
5. Stupid Taiwan show which has been keeping me up is so stupid, but I can't stop watching. I can't help myself!
6. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
7. I have to go to college early morning tomorrow. Cannot sleep in...crap!
8. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
9. Headache just graduated to a mini migraine. Getting its diploma now.
10. Did I mention that SissyDear's bf is an ass??? Oh, I did...Well, he is...
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JJ visited my blog!!!

Opened my mail.

"JJ has left a new comment on your post "Bad, bad Malaysian attitude" "

Thought JJ = JiunJie.

Comment = "Hey thank you for listening to us and yes there are people who believe they are invisible."

Me = "Huh? 'listening to us'??? Wat on earth u talking bout dude???"

Clicked on the link at his name, n OMG, I was at JJ from's blog!!! Wah, my small time blog also got celebrities visit! Haha...I think my blog must have turned up as a search result coz I mentioned JJ and Rudy's name in my post. Cool!!!

And of course I listen to Brokeback/True Zeroes/Morning Crew JJ and Rudy! They're hilarious! Especially with their spoofs and parodies like Don't Cha (from Pussycat Dolls) and We're Not So Furious (from Teriyaki Boyz's Tokyo Drift). Every morning on the way to college, I'll be tuning in to and laughing to myself like a mad person in the car. Good though, at least other drivers would think twice before cutting a madwoman's queue....WAKAKAKA *cackle*
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UVNation Pt 2

Ok, continuation:

Quite empty when we got in...duh, still bright so de vampires not out yet...

Things finally picked up n every1 started dancing. Dat time DJ Desire was on de decks. She played quite a good set, but I can't really dance 2 Tech-House n Techno 4 very long (I'm more of an R&B person), so we headed over to Urban Room. But they weren't playing R&B yet, so we just sat at the side for a while. Hung around just enjoying de music, then we went 2 get drinks. N you know de damn bloody fucking thing???!!! We were supposed 2 get coupons n redeem those for drinks, but WTH, there was only like 1 girl there selling the coupons. Eh, hello....this is an event where an estimated 20k people are supposed 2 attend, n you only station 1 girl there to sell coupons???!!! *grumble grumble* *push push* Finally got de coupons for our drinks. Went 2 de bar n I heard some people saying that there was no more beer. Like, WTF??!! It was only 10 or 11 sumthin n you guys ran out of beer??!!! Then de girl behind de counter said that de beer is on de way, but it won't be cold. Double WTF!!! Who likes 2 drink warm beer???!!! Talk about poor planning...couldn't de organisers anticipate the crowd size n sufficiently prepare enough drinks??? Luckily, my vodka sprite was still available, thank god! Cool bartender gave me equal parts of vodka n sprite. Usually they only give 1/4 liquour n de rest mixer. Luv you man!!! Drank up n was feeling REAL good. So I dragged de rest of de gang back on de dance floor. Benny Benassi finally came on with lots of fireworks (like, real, exploding, colourful fireworks) but we could only hear it. And de damn malu thing was, right after he came on and all that fireworks display, technical error pulak. I'm not sure whose fault it is la, but I don't think it was Benny's. WAKAKAKA, you have an international DJ coming 2 Malaysia n your equipment crashes??? Oh, so damn memalukan. Poor Benny....haha....they finally got it fixed, Benny played, every1 happy. Oh, n I sort of seriously, m not 2 say really absolutely positively have fond feelings for shufflers. One, they hog de whole dance floor. Two, they can practically dance all nite, ergo they hog de dance space de whole nite. Three, you can't flirt dance with a shuffler, so you can never pick up any cute shuffler guys. Four, they stomp, not step, STOMP on other people's feet. Bloody assholes....I have bruises all over my feet already.

Main arena when DJ Desire was spinning

This was at Urban "Room", I think...

Alex De Ghost!!! EEEEEKK!!!

Met a couple of people dat nite. Nick, StanTM's fren; Jasper; Marcus, his gf Junee Foo (who turned out 2 b StanTM's 'khai mui', small world), Syami, Gigi, n Edwin (I think I saw Gary too); Point Blanc, dat 'Ipoh Mali' guy (I didn't even know who he was at 1st, until EmilyBoo mentioned dat song *blush*. I took a pic with him!);

Me and Point (mind u, it was taken rite b4 we left n I was all sweaty from all dat dancing)

n OMFG, I saw Ooi Yee Ker also!!! Haven't seen her since secondary school. Didn't talk 2 her though, she was working 4 de event n was very busy.

We finally left about 1 sumthin, went 2 Jasima at TTDI for 'yum cha'. Heard EmilyBoo ordering Indomee Double. Haven't eaten dinner yet n haven't ordered a double before so I ordered dat too, thinking dat it was just cooked using 2 packets like I do at home (well, I use 1 1/2, but I can't say "Boss, Indomee satu setengah" can I??? Then heard Celine ordering Indomee with 'telur mata lembu'. Huh??? Telur mata LEMBU???!!! Alex: "Mata KERBAU isit???". Me, Celine, Alex n the fella taking our orders started laughing. WAHAHAHA...dat was good! Then my Indomee came...Like, huh??? Wat on earth is this?? It was just noodles fried with cabbage, some meat n egg, n it was like loaded with pepper. I thought Indomee goreng is supposed 2 be Indomee instant noodles with a fried egg on top???!!! not nice...I only ate like 1/4 of it n gave de rest to CincauAaron n EmilyBoo. N it cost me RM7...yer, such an unsatisfying dinner/supper. Went home, n started on 'UVNation Pt 1' post. THE END!

My ticket stub n wrist tag

P.S. I missed Benny Benassi's hit track Satisfaction! Crap! I was waiting de whole nite for it summore... :(
P.P.S. I heard dat they ran out of water at de rave at 1am....isn't dat kinda like, dangerous??? Oh, those poor clubbers...

*pics "filched" from Celine, EmilyBoo n CincauAaron...Sigh, de 1st ever time dat I post pics on my blog, it had 2 be of clubbing....

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UVNation Pt 1

Ok, I'm gonna keep this post as short as possible coz it's freakin 3am in de mornin n I'm damn freakin tired. Just got back from UVNation n after-party-yum-cha-session, n now I'm blogging while removing my makeup so dat later I can just jump into bed n snore till tmr today morn afternoon evening. Ok, here's wat happened:

Got 2 1U at around 4pm. Parked at B2 Rainforest. Ok cool, we're (was with CincauAaron n Celine) in de rite zone coz I hav 2 collect my tickets at 4th floor Rainforest. Walked up like damn freakin banyak escalators. "Y on earth didn't we take de elevator?!" Finally, reached 3rd floor, saw tables with "Ticketing Area" signs. Eh? I tot I was supposed 2 go up 2 4th floor? Ok watever, went n asked de lady at de table for my tix, n she said come back in half an hour. Babi, walked all de way up so fast 4 nothing. Then walked all de way 2 old wing to find Starbucks coz we din know if there was 1 in new wing. Ordered our drinks (my Banana JavaChip was damn bloody sweet) n sat there till like 5 sumthin. EmilyBoo was still waiting 4 StanTheMan 2 pick her up. So we went back up 2 collect my tix. ~ok this is seriously taking 2 long~

Collected tix, went window shopping, went back up at 6 sumthin, started lining up 2 get in. EmilyBoo still not here yet. Poor girl, they're gonna b stuck in de huge massive jam outside 1U. Finally got in at 7 sumthin. Security asked 2 check my IC. Wah, I look so young ah??? *blush* Went 2 main arena, not many ppl there yet. Me n Celine needed 2 go pee pee again real bad n we didn't wanna use de portable loos, so we went back down 2 de shopping complex. did our business n went back into de dance arena. Finally EmilyBoo, StanTheMan n Alex joined us. Babi, they wore white! Forgot bout de UV lights thingy....Jalan here, jalan there, n was just standing around like orang bodoh, coz who de hell parties when it's still light outside???!!! ~fuck it, dis is taking 2 long...I'll continue tmr or sumthin, gonna go snooze now~
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Blablabla #6

I'm feeling so weird today. Came back from gym at nearly 2pm, then for some reason I started surfing while standing chair but dun wanna sit, sot adi la me. Stood there for like, nearly half an hour if you can believe it. Finally sat down, then MaidYun came and gossiped with me for another half an hour. Then went back to surfing (sitting down). Now, it's 4-something pm, and I still haven't bathed yet. Feel so sticky now...having a discussion with Celine and CincauAaron bout tomorrow's UVNation (by the way people, I'm giving de other ticket to Celine). Then now Bryan is asking me to go to tempted, haven't been there before, but I already made plans...oh,well...another day la Bryan! Yay!!! I'm going to UVNation!!! Ok, I seriously need a bath now...

P.S : LCA didn't show up again today...sigh....
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Weird maid

Today seriously not my day la. Class ended at 6 and I thought of going to BigSissy's place to take a nap while waiting to pick SissyDear up. Went there, rang the bell, waited, but no one opened the door. Rang the bell again, waited again, but still nothing. Repeat a few times then got fed up and decided to call BigSissy's handphone. WTF, never pick up the phone pulak. By then it had started to rain already. Tried the bell a few more times and in the end gave up and went back to the car. Then drove back to college. Sohai, waste my time only. BigSissy couldn't have brought the maid out rite? If she had, she would have told me. Aiya, that maid also got a bit of problem 1 la...The other day SissyDear came to pick me up, rang the bell a few times but the maid didn't open the door. I was upstairs and wondering why the maid still haven't opened the door. I thought maybe the maid busy or something, so I went out of the room to look. I saw the maid running towards the door, but when she heard the room door open she just froze there. She stood there doing nothing for a while. When I came downstairs, she turned to me and said "Oh, Kak Irina ke?". Like duh, go and check it out lah if you don't know who is at the door. For what stand there doing nothing while the bell rings? Haih...

Bad, bad Malaysian attitude

I went to University Hospital to collect my medication today. I always dread a visit there, not because I'm afraid of doctors or needles or anything like that, but because of the traffic. UH's traffic system sucks, and today, it was worse than usual. At the main entrance, there will usually be 2 lanes, 1 for dropping off and picking up, and the other for normal traffic. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why some people refuse to go to the drop off lane when they want to let people down from the car. They'll stop right smack in the middle of the normal traffic lane...So damn bloody inconsiderate! And the people they let off are usually elderly people, and people who need crutches or a wheelchair, so they take damn freaking long to get out of the car, creating a massive jam that stretches all the way outside the hospital grounds.

So jam jam jam until finally, I clear that area. Then bloody hell, get stuck in another jam, this time caused by the cars going into the parking area! UH's traffic system sucks even more here. The place is SO sempit, and most of the time it's only a 1 lane road. Then these stupid kiasu people just have to go so damn freaking slow, trying to find a spot in the first few levels. It's like die die HAVE to find a spot at 1st or 2nd floor. Eh, hello! Upstairs still got belambak of parking space la! And then some people, even when they know someone is waiting for their parking spot, they'll still take their own sweet time getting into the car and reversing out of the parking spot. ARGH!!! $!#$&*!#$%#$@ Finally managed to get to the 4th floor and parked my car. So many parking spaces! Dunno why those idiots turning around in circles downstairs.

Went to the main tower and wanted to get an elevator to the 2nd floor. And I came across another seriously fucked up Malaysian attitude. Some people simply don't have the courtesy to wait for others to alight from the elevator before getting in. They insist on pushing their way in even though the people inside are trying to get out. And this elevator I wanted to take wasn't one of the normal sized elevators you normally see. This elevator's opening was like less than the width of 2 people standing side by side, so you can imagine how sempit it was, and they still want to push their way in. Sohai.

Finally got to the pharmacy place and lined up to get a number. Enter bad Malaysian attitude number I-Dunno-Wat. This elderly lady just came up to my line and wanted to cut queue. It was like the Hitz.FM's JJ and Rudy ad about cutting queue, "put signal, act like dunno, act like dunno!" Hey, I don't mind letting elderly people go first, but at least have the decency to ask before cutting queue la...Can say "Excuse me, Ah Girl, but PoPo very old already, legs very painful, cannot line up so long. Can I go first ah?". But no, this old lady just buat tak tau and wanted to cut queue. Celaka, who willing to let la like that? So I also buat tak tau and inched closer to the front. Sooner or later she got the message that I wasn't gonna let her cut and she went to another line. So exasperating!

Everytime I go to the hospital sure my blood pressure sky-rockets wan...but what to do, have to go also. Haih...

UVNation tics

UVNation is happening this Saturday at 1Utama rooftop (5th floor) carpark. Event starts at 6pm onwards and international DJs Benny Benassi and Scot Project will be there (woo hoo!). I've got 2 free tics, but there's no one to accompany me (not yet anyway). So who wanna teman me? I'm actually still waiting for a friend's reply, but till then who wanna be on standby??? But I got a few requirements:
  • must be outgoing
  • must be able to have fun with new people whom you have just met
  • must be able to dance and not stand there like a stick throughout the whole rave
  • preferably has a car, and preferably willing to pick me up and send me home (eh, I'm giving you ticket worth RM53 ok...)

So if you are interested, let me know...but if my friend wants to go, then sorry ya...

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Blablabla #5

I'm channelling a dead character...

Which ''Heroes'' TV Character are YOU? [pics]

Eden McCain
You're Eden!!! You can make people do whatever it is that you desire. You are good at making people think the way you want them to. You make things happen. You are extremely smart and quick-witted and you are used to getting what you want. You know what's right and wrong but sometimes get sucked into things bigger than you. You know how people work and you enjoy manipulating them to get what you want. You have the power of PERSUASION. That power comes in handy when you're getting pulled over, attacked, or when you have a full sink of dirty dishes and don't want to do them. Unfortunately, you're dead now.
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

Found this at JW's blog, and at the same time came across a spoiler for Heroes (which by the way, I didn't want....oi! I haven't watched that far yet lah...I know la you guys can download, but I'm watching on Astro la...)
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Private posting = cannot

Sigh...I just found out that Blogger doesn't provide password protecting for posts. I can only make my WHOLE blog private, but not 1 particular post.

This. Sucks.

So now I whenever I have something private to blog about, I have to go to my other private 'ma fan'. ARGH! Why can't Blogger just provide the stupid damn bloody setting??!!!
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Big Huge Rant #1

I was unceremoniously fired from my post as Head of Administration of my Technical Assistant Team in my college!!! And I had to find that out from Bari...not my boss, CHC himself, but Bari. Bari was just letting me know that I was no longer holding my post (he doesn't have the authority to fire me anyway). CHC couldn't even have the decency to tell me know in person. I had to find out from a third party. Show some respect lah! In an organisation, if you release someone from their post also you'll let them know face to face right? Or at least send them some notification.

Before this, last week, I was reading through the minutes of the Technical Assistant's General Meeting (I wasn't present that day), and it said that 2 other people had volunteered for the post of Admin Head and Assistant. Okay, fine...I decided that I was just going to buat tak tau because the proper procedure for electing a new Board Member was to call a Board Member's meeting and discuss potential candidates first, then only decide. But this was not done, so I decided to just keep quiet about it and see if anyone approches me to inform me about any new changes. No one did. Then today Bari came and told me that the 2 people who volunteered are to become the new Admin Head and Assistant. Like, WTF???!!! Then he said that CHC was not happy with the performance of all the existing Board Members, so they are all let go of their posts. What the friggin' hell...??!!! Not happy with my performance??!! Eh, hello! I just joined the Admin Department early this year (and that was as an Assistant), and I was only promoted to Admin Head 2 or 3 months ago!!! So how the hell can you say that you are not satisfied with my performance???!!! I haven't even really had a chance to really prove myself in the Admin Dept yet!

According to Bari, CHC was really upset about the condition of the team now, especially after the new batch of trainees. Apparently, the team is not performing up to expectations. Well, if he was so upset about it, why did he let all of the trainees into the team in the first place? Fix the existing problems first before you go recruiting new people know some of the seniors' knowledge about running the lab is not that good, so what do you expect them to teach the new trainess? Surely all the information passed on will also be incorrect right? So how would you expect this new batch of trainees to excel? And the thing is, why is all this reshuffling happening now only? After the return of KimmyS (big boss) to the T&I department? Previously, CHC was really laid back about the running of the lab...but after the big boss came back, apparently CHC was under pressure about the team, then he started taking it out on us and saying that he is very unhappy about the condition and wanna change the way we work and blablabla.....Like, why didn't you do this sooner? Why wait so long until the condition is so bad and you're receiving flak from the upper levels then only you wanna do something about it? Now it's just creating a lot of discontent among the TAs (me anyway).

I'm still so pissed that I was just removed from my post without so much as a by-your-leave. As if I don't deserve some measure of respect. When I first came to my post I did everything that CHC asked me to do. He said that we're going to be audited by ISO and we need to standardize our forms...ok, I went and got all of it done. Now all the new forms are up and in use. He also asked me to help think of a solution for the problem of missing cash...ok, solution found and implemented. So what the hell do you mean that I haven't been performing my duties? And the thing is, I'm the only person doing all the Admin work. Do you know how much paperwork that entails?! Who do you think I am? Superwoman? Not only am I not shown some appreciation, I am not even accorded some common courtesy. And it's not like I'm being paid any extra wage for being the Admin Head. I get what any other normal TA does, but I have more workload.

Now, after being unceremoniously fired like that, I'm still expected to go back and train the new Admin Head and Assistant on the administration procedures. HAH!!! Fat chance! After the way I was treated, do they REALLY think that I would be willing to waste my time training the new Board Members?
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Paris deserves it!

I'm hooked on E! (not Ecstasy de drug, but entertainment E!). It's basically a channel (channel 76 on Astro) where they gossip bout all de celebs in Holywood. Everyday on E! is like 1 huge gossip fest! I LUV it!!! Thanks Wawa for introducing us!

Ok, ok...that's not the point of my post today. What I really wanted to rant about is a particular celebrity/heiress and her jail sentence. I was watching E! News the other day and they reported that Paris Hilton recently started a petition online to get The Governator to intervene on her behalf regarding her jail sentence. She maintains that the sentence was unfair and that she didn't know the full situation bout the terms of her probation. Cool! So does dat mean if I get caught for de same offence I can just say dat I didn't know/wasn't informed bout my sentence??? Bullshit!!! Appeal all you like lah, but what's all that nonsense bout not knowing??!! If you couldn't be bothered in the first place then that's your problem why now must create all this petition bullshit some more???!!! She should just suck it up and take her sentence like any other non-celebrity/heiress. Berani buat, berani tanggung.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 | By: babedevil

Girl on girl action

And before your dirty little minds go wondering off somewhere, I'm actually talking bout the massage dat I had this afternoon. *pop* haha, can hear ur bubble bursting adi...As I said, I had a massage 2day, after my facial, a full back massage. And that's when I found out what those disposable G-strings were for...You see, you're supposed to wear it if you don't want your undies 2 become all oily...because a full back massage means they'll massage the whole back part of your body, and I DO mean WHOLE, which of course, would include your ass as well...I actually didn't know bout the 'WHOLE' part...I just thought that the lady would just do the upper part of my back. Imagine my surprise when she actually started kneading my ass. Ahhh, but it was so relaxing...*giggle*

And I'm de sort of person who cannot tahan pain 1...and when anyone massages me, I feel very geli (you can ask JJ bout that). De first time that my masseuse started massaging my shoulders, so sakit (this 1 JJ n JuYau sure enjoy 1...dunno how some people can tahan dis kinda pain...enjoy it summore!!!)! I had 2 tell her not 2 use so much strength. So she was a bit gentler, but for de entire session I was grimacing n giggling 2 myself...hehe, geli la...

At 1 point, she suddenly ran her fingers up n down my spine...n I'm not meaning gently, but she actually pressed hard! I think she actually climbed on de bed to get the leverage to press down dat hard! OWWW!!! MCB, WTF @#$%^&*&*$@!#@@#$ Sakit la!!! I tried 2 'yan' la (I damn power 1) but then after a while I kenot tahan adi...I blurted out (in cantonese), "Not so hard! Not so hard! Too painful! Too painful!" But then I think she cut my session short coz since I kenot tahan that, she also kenot do anythin else...Aiya, nevermind la, I was also 2 sakit n 2 geli 2 continue much anymore...

All in all, I had a pretty relaxing day...went back 2 BigSissy's place n took a long nap...*snore* So 'song'. Mayb I'll go again next week...
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I'm finally freeeeee!!!!!

....sort of (still got exams to go). I just finished 2 of my assignments which due dates were back to back. Needless to say I was up until the wee hours of the morning trying to finish my work...(dat's y la...procrastinate summore la...) The earliest that I went to bed was 3.45 am I think...I was even keeping Jackie The Metrosexual up....sorry la, but have 2 rush la...but u coughing so badly, not like u can sleep also rite...? I was so stressed for the past week, and when I'm stressed, all sorts of things start happening 2 me...pimples start popping up on my face (which hardly EVER happens to me, but now I'm staring at 3 tiny 1s), my lupus starts flaring up again (which makes me look like I'm blushing 24/7), or my cycle will be all screwed up (I've even missed it once, got the shock of my life coz it usually means 1 thing....*cue suspense music*).

But now I'm finally (sort of) FREEEEEEE!!!!! Passed up my last assignment on Friday. Thought I could at least sleep till noon on Saturday, but then I found out that SissyDear wants 2 go to 1U in the morning to exchange Dad's pants. Hmm...sleep or 1U...? I'm tired...but I've also not been out for like, ages......aiya, go only la....Then on Sunday had 2 wake up early 2 do tired...But I managed 2 catch up on my DVDs!!! Hmmm.....3 down, 28 more 2 go....
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Movie buddies or fuck buddies?

"i also like watch sex n the city
wat bout we b sex friend?"

How would you interpret the above?

a) "I like watching 'Sex and the City'. How bout us becoming 'Sex and the City' friends, (ie. we talk bout what happened in the episodes.)"


b) "I like watching 'Sex and the City'. How bout us becoming fuck buddies?"
Monday, April 23, 2007 | By: babedevil

Blablabla #4

Hey, I just realised sumthin....I may post infrequently, but when I do it's damn long wei....
Friday, March 30, 2007 | By: babedevil

Censorship, my a**!!!

*This post has been censored in accordance to the examples provided by the censorship board. Sincerest apologies if there are any words left uncensored; but to the writer who has been using the English language for her whole life, those uncensored words which you deem offensive are perfectly acceptable to her sensibilities*

Do you notice nowadays when you are watching tv, the characters will be talking, then suddenly a word that they said will be muted out. Or in some cases, you would even encounter a long pause; their lips will be moving but you just don't hear a thing. Welcome folks, to the world of Malaysian censorship. I totally have no idea what the brilliant people at the censorship board are thinking of sometimes. Ok, so you want to censor some expletives like "f*ck" (see, I'm already censoring it for you....), no problem with that...but why would you want to censor some harmless thing that wasn't even said in a bad meaning?

The other day I was watching Kingdom of Heaven. Nicely enjoying the show when suddenly Orlando Bloom was muted out. Like, what the bl***y h*ll???!!! And by reading his lips, I could tell that what he said was "assalam******kum". And he was just saying it in greeting of this other Syrian guy...Heh? Is it wrong? So I asked Wawa if it was against Islam for a non-Muslim to say it. And he said that it was just a greeting in Arabic that meant "Peace be unto you". Huh? So why was it bleeped out when Balian said it?

And that's not the end of the idiosyncratic things which the Censorship Board does. What bout censoring words like br*astfeed (simply because it contains the word br*ast), va*ina, p* hello, these are parts of the human body la...How else are people supposed to refer to it? "My 2 lumps of fat on my upper torso"? "My thingy down there"? So now br*astfeed will become "Feed with the 2 lumps of fat on the upper torso." Bang*ng betul...And do you remember the children's show Power Rangers? Last time it was called Mighty Morp*ing Power Rangers, but then our esteemed Censorship Board people had their little pow wow and decided that the word Morp*ing had to go because it sounded like Morp*ine, and that will make all the future leaders of our country who are watching the show want to go out and get high.

Kids: "Mighthy Morp*ing Power Rangers...morp*ing, morp*ing, morp*ine! Hey! I need to get some! Who cares if I haven't even heard bout it or even know what it is, or if I don't even have any money to get it, or even where to get it from. I just wanna get it!"

Seriously, I only knew bout morp*ine when the Censorship Board created such a hoohaa over the similarity between the 2 words...Then they banned Daredevil because they said it had "violent content" (eh, there are even more violent shows showing on Astro now la....) and "Hero-worshipping someone with a devil-sounding name" (=_=" comments...). Not only that, they also HAD to change the title of the movie H*llboy to SuperSapiens.

And it's not just restricted to movies. What bout magazines? Sometimes you buy a magazine imported from overseas, open the covers, flip through it then find the lingerie ads inked out. Like hello, it's a women's magazine! We women want to see the lingerie! It's not like we're gonna look at the half-naked women then feel all horny and masturbate you know (most of us don't anyway...). Sigh...I also dunno what to say anymore la...I'm ok with them censoring the big things that are politically or religiously incorrect, but the little things...??? The censors all think we Malaysians are stupid little children who have no sense of reasoning and need to be cushioned from every single thing from the outside world isit? Why can't they just leave it up to us to make up our minds bout what is good for us and what is not?
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 | By: babedevil


I have been asked before why I hang out more with boys. I guess it's because guys are not as sensitive and 'siu hei' as girls. I'm more comfortable around them because I don't always have to REALLY watch what I say around them. They won't get easily offended when people tease them. Some girls tend to nitpick and look for hidden meanings inside a joke, even though there are none. Hey, I tease people, and I don't mind if people tease me harm done....Haha, ok, very funny.....If I really am offended, I'll tell them to their face that I don't like it. Unlike a FRIEND of mine, X...

You see, it was just a little harmless teasing and it wasn't meant to be mean or anything. But maybe X is a little over-sensitive and for some reason, she felt that I was dissing her...Seriously, I wasn't...!!! And the thing is, if she was offended, she didn't say anything to me....Instead, she pretended that everything was fine and then proceeded to diss ME in her blog the next day. She didn't put my name but she knows that I read her blog....Like, what's up with that???!!! Well, now I'm returning the favour...though, I'm not really dissing her like how she dissed me....

So now, lesson learnt:
  • Watch what you say around girls.
  • Think it through before you tease girls. In fact, maybe I shouldn't even think about doing it, in case anyone of them has got 'siu che pei hei'.

  • Don't assume that you know your friends. They might surprise you one day with the things they do.
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 | By: babedevil

Blogger's block

My blog has been pretty much dead for the past few months. The last post was like in December 2006. The thing is, I am always blogging bout something new but I'm just too lazy to finish it. I sometimes also find it hard to find the right words to express my thoughts. My brain not only works faster than my tongue, but my fingers also; before I can type out what I'm thinking, I've already lost that thought and gone on to the next one. And it also doesn't help that I don't have an internet line at home. So my half written blog would just be sitting there, unposted and unpublished.

But then the other day I was chatting with TzeLun and I found out bout his new blog (he just bought a domain for himself...everyone seems to be doing that nowadays). Then I mentioned that my blog was like nyawa nyawa ikan already (I don't even renew my chatterbox anymore coz I know it would just get deleted after a month of no chats) and TzeLun said that he was gonna link me in his new blog.

" gonna link me again ah...??!! But my blog like dying there already..."
"Then now you got more incentive to update your blog lor..."
"But lazy lah..."
"Cannot be lazy...Must update your blog...Go, go..."
"Sigh...ok lor..."
"So, you want me to put 'Stephanie' or 'Clueless Devil'?"
"Err...put 'Clueless Devil' lah...I shy la if put my name there..."
"But isn't your name already stated in your blog...?"
"Ya...but at least people won't know that it's me immediately when they see the name on your blog...."
"Oh...ok then...............Done!"

You see, I'm still quite shy bout my blog. I think less than 10 people know bout my blog. Not many people knows bout it coz I simply don't tell them. If they happen to find out that I have a blog and ask me where is it, I don't tell them. They'll just have to find it themselves if they want to read it. But actually, it's not THAT hard to locate anyway...

So there! Now I have something new on my blog, so if someone happens to click on my link on TzeLun's blog they'll have something to read. Wakakaka!!!

P.S. : I actually just only uploaded new posts after the December 2006 one, that's why it doesn't seem like I had abandoned my blog that long....But seriously, I did.... :P Wakakaka!!! The joys of back-dating!!! Now, to renew my chatterbox...again....
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | By: babedevil

Sick celebration... :(

*Warning: These are the ramblings of a feverish person who is just waiting for her class to start. It may not even make sense at certain points, so unless you have a lot of time to waste........

I had a fever yesterday!!! I haven't had a fever for almost 2 years already. But dunno why, this close to Chinese New Year, I'm starting to feel so blah. Then TsunChoong and gang wanted to go makan last night. Turns out, Mr Saw's birthday is coming soon. I think it was Edwin's and another guy's birthday as well. But I wasn't really feeling so good, so I was having second thoughts bout going. Tried to make excuse that I have no transportation home after that. TsunChoong discussed with the gang, and it was decided that Steven would send me home after that. Aiya, no excuse already...have to go loh...Was hoping that I won't get worse later.

Didn't feel like going for lab session. That CincauAaron also another one, pujuk people to skip class. Yes, 'PEOPLE'...coz he convinced Celine to skip also. Wanna play 'TaiDee' wor...He oklah, coz it wasn't his class. His class was later. Damn bad influence la you...So me and Celine skipped class together loh...Was playing cards right beside the class where the lab session was held summore. The lecturer saw me (he knows me coz I once asked him a question bout my C++ program, and he remembered me since then) and I so malu that I tried to cover my face with my shawl and look sick...Too late...! Argh, f**k it lah...

Later, we left Bukit Jalil at around 8.15pm (had to wait for CincauAaron to finish bowling practice). We were having dinner at Serdang, a BBQ Steamboat place. By the time we 'jam jam' there, it was almost 9pm. I was also feeling slightly nauseous. Alamak, buffet summore......Couldn't eat much coz I was feeling like throwing up after a few mouthfuls already.....
:( So I just sat there watching people eat. I saw these little things that looked like cupcakes, but they turned out to be butter...damn cute! I took a picture of it using CincauAaron's cam; dunno if he still has it or not...

After makan, we 'loh sang' then the guys wanted to play a game. It involved counting and numbers, so who do we turn to...? MR SAW!!! Whoever lose kena 'fatt' to eat stuff. I thought I wasn't playing, but see see they included me...Okloh, just pinjam my fingers loh. But after watching many people kena and have to eat so much food, I started to think...aiya, very high probability rate of me kena-ing

"Chup! I'm only pinjam-ing my fingers ah...if I so lucky to 'chung tou' someone must 'teng' for me..."
*80% of the guys there* "TsunChoong!!!"
"Har...???!!! Aiya, oklah..."

Aiyo, dunno why after that, my 'good luck' started kicking in...I kena twice, or more like TsunChoong kena, coz he had to 'teng' two big pieces of cake for me, TWICE!!! I was so touched. But I also felt a little guilty everytime he does things like that for me...sigh...

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty feverish. And by the time my head hit the pillow, I had a full blown fever. Was sleeping fitfully, then my phone beeped (forgot to turn it off). It was on the other side of my bed. Was contemplating if I should get it or not, in the end, I turned my so sick body and checked my phone. It was a message from CincauAaron and it wasn't really important. Read it, dumped my phone on the bed and went back to sleep. At nearly 2 am, my phone beeped again... @#@$%^#$%%^* # why on earth didn't I turn off my phone??!! I could have ignored it, but for some reason, I didn't. Turns out, it was a message from TsunChoong asking me if I was feeling unwell and if I was ok...Aww, so sweet!!! But I was too sick to reply. Dumped my phone back on the bed. Tried to salvage whatever sleep that I could get then. Woke up this morning to a damn bloody headache, and I still came to college...This is called DEDICATION!!!
Thursday, February 08, 2007 | By: babedevil

Birthday, Japanese food and back pain...

Just got back from celebrating TsunChoong's birthday at 1U. At first I thought that I wouldn't be able to make it coz SissyDear said that she wanted AlexBaby to service the car or something(and she only told me that morning itself just before I sent her to the train station...damn tulan... I already promised my friends I would go...). So I told TsunChoong I couldn't go loh...sorry la...blame my stupiak sis la...

But then JianMing offered to come and pick me up from my place. He drove all the way from Arena to Puchong and back again. Thank you, JianMing!!! Later, Mr Saw picked us up from Arena after his class (OMG, I'm hanging out with my lecturer!!!) That time it was 6 something. By the time we reached 1U it was already 7 something coz Mr Saw took the wrong road....... -_-" We were having dinner at Shogun (been craving Japanese food for weeks!) and the rest of the guys had already started eating. Finished 2nd and 3rd rounds summore...Ei, wait for us la...The food was not bad but I think I prefered the Japanese buffet at Marriott Putrajaya, but it's more expensive there. Shogun = RM48++, Marriott = RM60++ (I think, coz I didn't pay the bill)

After dinner we went upstairs to the cinema and bowling alley. Was wondering why they were going there so I asked Steven. He said they wanted to go bowling. Alamak -_-" I'm not a sporty person la...and I can't bowl for nuts...most of the balls will end up in the gutter anyway...So I said "You guys go bowling and I'll go watch a movie." Steven was so nice bout it. Since I wanted to watch a movie, he chau my wishes. So we ended up watching Stranger Than Fiction. As usual, the other guys started pushing me and TsunChoong together, so we ended up sitting next to each other....swt. I thought the movie was a comedy, but it wasn't really a comedy was more like a mixture of other genres also and it was one of those don't-use-your-brain-to-watch kinda movie....I guess it was a nice movie but I couldn't really enjoy it coz my back started hurting 5 minutes into suey....When is the movie gonna end...??? *grimacing in pain*...

After the movie ended, Steven sent me home. OMG, he drove so fast!

Total time:
1 Utama ---> Puchong dalam dalam = 15 minutes

Record time!!! Keng leh....
Monday, February 05, 2007 | By: babedevil

Flirtatious, flirtatious....hmm...

Today, Celine asked me to explain 'flirtatious'. on earth do you go about explaining flirtatious??? Then I tried to tell her being flirtatious is like how I usually act, coz seriously, I flirt with everyone and everything....guys, girls, cats, dogs....heck, I'll probably even flirt with inanimate objects. But Celine being Celine, she still doesn't get it...I look to CincauAaron for help but he lagi dunno how to explain...Then EmilyBoo asked "Can u say flirting is like 'khau'?"

"Err, no...flirting is more like being affectionately friendly" *sees JJ nearby*
"Eh, JJ...explain flirtatious..."
"Har...??? How to explain? It's like being very friendly lah...Very hard to explain la..."
*Celine muka blur blur* "Err...okaaayyyy....."

I think she still hasn't gotten to explain...???!!! Go look it up in the dictionary lah.