Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | By: babedevil

My Perfect Valentine

Someone asked me for ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day. Well, I would probably be the last person to dish out good ideas, since I've never really celebrated V-Day (as far as I can remember anyway).

But it got me thinking, if I were to celebrate (and had someone special to celebrate with of course), what would I do?

First thing that popped into my mind?

Heading up to some hill with a great view at night, with pizza and a good bottle of Moscato. Having good conversations throughout the night under the stars, with the twinkling city lights below us.

Throw in a baseball bat or two for protection, lots of mosquito repellant, and a blankie to keep me warm (or maybe I'll just rely on him for that... ;)).

And that is what I call perfection.<3