Monday, September 10, 2007 | By: babedevil

Silence of the "friends"

The Situation:

Late Thursday night/Early Friday morning - Food poisoning. Feeling so crappy but still trying to finish my assignment. Finally can't take it anymore, threw up at 4am and went to sleep (or at least, tried to...)

Friday, 11am - Finally finished my assignment. Tummy still feeling queasy so still contemplating if I should go out later tonight. Will see later.

Friday, 5pm - After taking all kinds of medicine for food poisoning and some rest later, was feeling better. Tummy still feels like it's set on 'Slow Spin' but it was manageable. So decided to go tonight. Hey, it's so hard to get this bunch of people together, so I couldn't miss it right? Anyway, earlier on the people who asked me to go used the "We all friends go out just to enjoy together" trump card. Ok, told Emily I would be going but won't be opening bottle because I won't be drinking (drinking on a recently poisoned tummy??? I'm not suicidal you know....).

Friday, mamak, 10pm - Nicholas and Carles were collecting money for the bottles and I repeated again that I'm not opening with them.

Friday, at the club - Went in and sat down at the table. Later AaronL called and said he would be coming and wanted to open bottle with our table. Told Carles about it and he said "You telling me for what?!" in a most rude like manner. Erm, aren't you the one handling all the details???!! So ok, I told AaronL it would be better if he opened with his other friends who were at the club as well. Went to dance downstairs and most of the time I was at AaronL and Joseph's table. Didn't drink a single drop that night, not even the coke from my table.

Friday, mamak, after the club - Two groups of people from the club were there; one group from my table, the other group from Joseph's and AaronL's table. I was seated at one end with my own group and the other group were seated at the other end. Stanley came. Nicholas called him over to where he was sitting and they started talking. Then suddenly Stanley shouted at me "You! Come here I want to talk to you!" and Emily, who was sitting opposite Nicholas, was crying. What the hell is up la? Ok, went over to another table and sat down. Nicholas come also. Then Stanley started shouting at stuff like "What's wrong with you???!!! Why you don't want to pay??!!!", "This is the second time you are not paying", "You so cheapskate isit???!!!" and all his crap bout if you want to club for free then ask your father to open a club, bla bla bla.....Then I told them la, why should I pay for the bottle if I didn't even drink? And Nicholas started saying stuff like it's not fair to the other two girls who didn't drink also but paid, and that other people also think it's not fair. Then I said it's up to them la if they wanna pay, but I refuse to pay for something which I didn't even partake in. Then Nicholas said if you enter a club and sit down at the table then you have to pay, even if you don't drink. Continued arguing until I cannot tahan Stanley shouting at me anymore and bringing up the "second time you didn't pay" issue so I shouted back at him that the first time it was my birthday and they all belanja me, I didn't make them pay for me. Argue, argue, then Nicholas said "Well the solution now is that I 'pau' for the other two girls as well". Then he just got up and left. So ok, went back to the group and I told Joseph what just happened. My group all were having a discussion among themselves bout what just happened. So I just stayed at Joseph's side of the table la. Then later my group all just got up and left. No one came to even talk to me except maybe Keith who came and said bye. I was supposed to go home with Tuan Shen but I guess he forgot bout me too and walked away with them. So I got up and started to follow them but Jospeh told me that he'll send me home. But then my stuff was all at Tuan Shen car, so no choice, I had to follow him. At that same time I think Tuan Shen finally remembered me and came back to get me. So followed him home lor. It was the most uncomfortable ride home ever. There was this kind of uneasy silence between us, the only time we talked was when deciding which way to take home.

The Rant

1. The payment. I've already told them in advance that I wouldn't be opening bottle with them. And in the beginning, when Carles asked me to go, he said ladies don't have to pay. That was his exact words, "When clubbing, ladies don't have to pay". Maybe he meant don't have to pay for entrance, fine. So what's the problem now? I only did what you promised me, I got in the club without paying. I didn't even drink a single drop of your alcohol or coke, so why are you asking me to pay now? Then when we were arguing at the mamak, let's call it the Let's Intimidate Stephanie Session (LISS), I asked him "Did you pay anything to get me in the door?", he replied "NO, but blablabla....". Now, let's focus on the "NO". If you didn't pay anything to get me in, why should I be asked to pay anything now??? It's not like you rugi anything....And that stupid thing bout paying just for sitting down at your table, pay RM60 just because I put my ass on the couch??!!!! You've got to be kidding!!! And some more they wait until AFTER the club then only tell you that they expect you to pay. It's like saying "Surprise!!! You owe RM60 for sitting down. Now pay up.". If I knew they were gonna expect me to pay just for bringing me in I wouldn't have gone, or I would have asked Joseph to bring me in.

2. The LISS. Wow, two guys ganging up on one lone girl. So macho hor, so man hor....Stanley's not part of our group of friends. He's just Emily's boyfriend. He wasn't even at the club. He just came to pick Emily up. So why the hell did he stick his nose into something that had nothing to do with him anyway??? And yelling at me in front of the whole mamak like some wannabe gangster some more. You call yourself a man, yelling at a girl like that?? Ya, CAVEman la.....And Nicholas, wow, that one even more special, ask a guy who had nothing to do with the issue to help you bully a girl. Some more he can say "I dunno how to talk to you because I'm not close to you". Ya, so you go and call your gangster wannabe to be your backup la...Such a spineless worm. A piece of advice, GROW SOME BALLS!!!

3. The other girls paying. Hey, if you wanna cheat those girls who hardly club into paying for YOUR drinks, then shame on you! Celine only drank coke, which Nicholas said was free flow for him. So in other words, you are making her pay for YOUR drinking! Those of you who expects me to pay for YOUR drinking, even though I didnt even drink a drop, SHAME ON YOU. And let's do some math here ok?

RM60 x 3 girls who didn't drink / at least 18 people who were drinking = extra RM10 each person

Hey, extra RM10 for your own drinking and you are complaining??? And then you wanna call me cheapskate???!!! If you don't wanna pay the extra money, then stop opening more bottles!!! Stop drinking!!! Don't go and expect me to pay for what you drank then whine when I don't pay up.

4. The silence. The thing that hurt me the most was when not one person from my group stood up for me. No one said "Hey, why is this guy shouting at my friend?", no one came over during the LISS to ask "What's going on? Why are you two guys ganging up on a girl?". Some of them can get so worried bout a strange guy looking at another one of our girl friends, but no one was worried bout a guy shouting at me. And when I went back to the table, no one even came and offered me a kind look or word. No one came and supported me. No one asked me how I was. No one. It was like they all shunned me. And here I thought I had friends. I've always stuck up for them and comforted them when they were sad, but now, none of them have done that for me.

Well congratulations, you have managed to do what no one outside of my family has ever done. You have managed to be my undoing. You have managed to make me cry. Thank god Wawa replied my sms that day. He was the one comforting me at 5.45 am, even though he didn't even know what was going on because I still haven't told him what was wrong.

Up until today, no one from that night has called or sms-ed me to ask if I was ok. How wonderful is that?