Friday, June 19, 2009 | By: babedevil

Black Friday

A history of my eff-ing crappy day:
  • Went to office and found out that my colleague was emo-ing at me. Ignored me for most of the day. Fine whatever, she probably needs me more than I need her anyway.
  • Had a headache. Must be caused by my stupid contact lenses which I probably should have changed like about a month ago, but I ran out of supply and I just didn't have the time to stock up (or more like I just couldn't be bothered at the moment).
  • After lunch, my tummy decided to throw tantrums. It felt like it was trying to drill its way out of my body.
  • Ms Perfectionist me dug my own grave with the stupid Excel spreadsheet I was working on. I just HAD to be so dissatisfied with the formatting and I just HAD to go and change it. And we're talking about 1K-plus of data here! Imagine merging and centering data in more than 1K of rows. Nearly vomitted blood I tell you. That cost me an extra hour and a half at the office. It would have been more bearable if Microsoft had just created a stupid keyboard shortcut for the stupid 'Merge and Center' function.
  • Left office, went to my car and found out that it got clamped. The day I decided to drive is the day that the guards decided to check parking tickets in the area where I parked. Bye-bye RM50.
  • On the way to Lern's house for dinner, had a fight with my sister. She made me detour to Puchong to feed her dumb dogs. And she didn't even ask, she COMMANDED me to go. She's probably out partying with her friends now.
  • Nearly had an accident because was SMS-fighting with sister while driving.
  • Was late to Lern's house for dinner.
  • On the way there, Lern said he was done with his training. If I hadn't made that detour to Puchong, I would have made it in time to pick him up. But now since I was stuck in the jam, his dad had to go pick him up instead. Damn pai seh.

So? Crappy or not, you tell me? You tell me???!!!!

And I can predict that it is not over yet. Still have to go home and face stupid sister.