Saturday, November 22, 2008 | By: babedevil


Finally! After such a long hiatus, I'm finally going clubbing again tonite. Well, it's more like an event in a club la, but I don't care! It still counts!!!

*digs out clubbing gear*

Wow, I seriously haven't gone clubbing in ages. Well, if you don't count the Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party which was held at Borneo Baruk Club la....but that was only an event where nice dancing music was only played for, like, 10 minutes...??? And the rest off the music can only be heard from personal music devices, which was downloaded before people came to the party....I guess that was why they named it a SILENT Halloween Party... :s

After I got the 'Plus One' tag added to my name, I have never gone out clubbing. Having a 'Plus One' that is not into late nights doesn't help matters much. I SO miss the music, and the dancing, and the late night yum cha sessions after that. After yesterday's presentation, I seriously had the insane urge to go out like I used to again....not necessarily clubbing, but spending late nights out hanging with friends. I seriously, seriously needed it. It was like how a man dying from thirst needs water. It was THAT bad.....

So last night when CincauAaron told me he was going to OK magazine's 3rd Anniversary Party at Zouk KL as the photographer for one of the sponsors, I thought of tagging along. I saw the event on Facebook once, but didn't really occur to me to go. And I heard Zouk got a recent makeover, haven't been there in a while, so wanted to check it out too. Seeing as I had nothing to do and clubbing was on my to-do list, I decided to go. Lern couldn't make it so I'm going with Celine instead.

OMG!!! I can't wait to step into a club again!!!

*blows dust off clubbing gear*
Friday, November 21, 2008 | By: babedevil

Depression setting in...

Just finished my Final Year Project presentation.

It was NOT good.

My advisor made me feel so stupid.

"Why did you do it like that?"
"I hope you documented that..."
"What if the user doen't know which stop he's at? This doesn't seem very user friendly to me."
"You are supposed to use an algorithm to prove that you are a Software Engineering student!"
"This is a Final Year Project! You should have explored that topic further!"

....and the list goes on.....


I. Is. So. Depressed.

Need. To. Do. Something.

Or. Else. I. Keeeel. Myself.

Hmmm.....feel like doing something crazy now... hungry...lunching with CincauAaron. He said he'll be here in 30 minutes, but knowing him, it might take longer than that... :s

Thursday, November 20, 2008 | By: babedevil

Stuff that gets on my nerves

I find it irritating when people make different plans with different people on the same day and time. I mean, sure, I know you want a backup plan just in case one of your plans don't work out, but at least have the decency to let the other person know that you are making other plans as well. What happens when both the people you are making plans with all can make it? So which one do you choose?

I find it irritating that people make appointments and promises with you, and all is set, then in the next instant agree to go out with someone else at the same time. Like WTH!

I also find it irritating that people make you promises that they'll do something for you but then show no enthusiasm or indication that they will follow through with it. I think I'll much prefer it if you didn't make me any promises at all...keeps the disappointment rate down.


Holidays are only holidays if you are not stuck at home for more than 70% of its I am right now....sigh...I seriously have no idea what to do. Langkawi trip is end of next week, and I don't know how to occupy myself till then!!!

Thought bout looking for a job, but hey, who looks for a job on their holiday???!!! *scratches that off the list (for now anyway...)*

So, next up, catch up on all my TV series (which also means that I'll still be stuck at home). Oh wait, I just finished that last night (with the exception of Heroes of course, since CincauAaron gave me House instead of Heroes...but no biggie, finished House anyway...). *scratches that off the list as well*

Shopping? Sorry, bank account dwindling already. Been swiping the card like mad... -_-'' *scratch scratch*

So what now??????? *wails*

But at least I'm meeting Mun tomorrow night and Wawa next week...Haven't been catching up with them for ages!!! *hearts*

So that should keep me occupied for those 2 days...Now it's just the rest of the days of the days leading up to the Langkawi trip!!! Anyone wanna ajak me out....? *makes Puss-In-Boots cute endearing face from Shrek*

P.S. Oh shit...I just remembered that I have to prepare slides for my Final Year Project presentation tomorrow!!! Wonderful holiday right? *dripping sarcasm*
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 | By: babedevil

Chivalry is not dead

Took the train back to Klang a few nights ago...reminded me of the first time I did that.

Klang is not exactly very safe. In fact it's got a reputation for being pretty dangerous nowadays. If some people think that my Puchong area is not that safe, wait till they see Klang. My Klang house was even robbed once.

So the nearest station to my house in Klang is the Teluk Gadong one. In daylight it looks pretty dodgy already, so you can imagine what it looks like at night.

I was coming back from PC Fair at KLCC. When I arrived at the station, it was so dark and dodgy. The ticketing counter was closed as usual (they only seem to open during peak hours when people are going to or returning from work...). So I was waiting at the stairs for SissyDear to pick me up. It was really quiet. Not many cars were passing by as well...

Then this guy came on his bicycle with a torchlight in his hands. He got off, came towards me and started asking me something loudly. I was kinda freaked out naturally, I could hardly understand what he was saying. It sounded like Bahasa Malaysia but spoken by a Chinese person who couldn't speak it well. I just sorta like went "Huh?". He repeated himself loudly a few times and started gesturing wildly. He also started talking into his walkie-talkie and waving his torchlight around wildly.

Ok, now I'm starting to panic a little...What if this psycho guy starts getting weird ideas? I was thinking of what could I defend myself with should he try something stupid...Hit him over the head with my PC Fair flyers...? I had quite a thick stack, but I don't think it would make much of a dent... :s

Then suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me, "Apa you mau?". I turned and saw this young Chinese guy standing protectively behind me. He must have gotten off the train at the same time I did and was waiting further away. He must have just only walked over to where I was standing because he wasn't there a moment ago.

PsychoGuy turns to ChineseGuy and starts talking loudly to him. By now I could sorta understand what he was trying to say. He was asking where is the station security guard. ChineseGuy answered "Tak ada, tak ada" and some more words were exchanged between them, and PsychoGuy talking into his walkie-talkie every few seconds. Then PsychoGuy said something like he was gonna find the security guard and scold him for leaving his post or something, then got on his bike and pedaled away.

I was kinda standing there blur blur, thinking to myself "What the hell just happened here". Then I noticed ChineseGuy moving away. So I turned and gave him a small smile of thanks. He smiled back and walked away.

A few minutes later, his friend came and picked him up. SissyDear came not long after that.

So this night will always be remembered as the night a total stranger had the chivalry and decency to come to my aid. *hearts*

P.S. I later found out that PsychoGuy was indeed psycho. Apparently, he likes to go around wearing a RELA vest, carrying a torchlight and walkie-talkie pretending he was a RELA member. But he's not. He's talking to no one when he's using his walkie-talkie. Poor fella....
Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | By: babedevil

Miniature Schnauzer puppies in need of a good home!

By now the puppies are 18 days old. 3 boys, 1 girl. All of them have already opened their eyes and are starting to stand up and take their first steps already! Gosh, I sound like a proud momma...!
Their tails have been docked (i.e. shortened...don't worry, didn't hurt them a bit) and all four have already been registered with Malaysian Kennel Association, which means that they are pure-bred. Ready to go to new homes at 9 weeks old. A bright and loyal breed who will be a great addition to loving homes. Great with children and sheds minimal hair (you hardly notice hair lying about). Does not require much exercise and thrives well as an indoor pet with freedom to roam the house.

Let me show you how cute they are...
All four of them before their tails were docked. L-R: Boy No.1, Girl (No.4), Boy No.3 (top right), and Boy No.2 (bottom right)

Boy No.1. He's a bit darker like his daddy.

No.1 sleeping with his tongue hanging out...hehehe...

No.1 having a nice nap...whenever he's not feeding...

No.2 after we changed his ribbon to a Ralph Lauren one...this is one classy puppy :D

No.2's fur is light and brownish. Most probably will be a salt and pepper like his momma. favourite...doesn't this picture just make you wanna melt...???

No.3's fur is also darker like his daddy's and his bottoms of his paws are slightly tinged with white fur, which I think is adorable...maybe that's why he's my favorite...hmmm.....

The girl (No.4). She took the longest to come out of momma. It almost looked like she was a gonner already...but luckily she pulled through and came out after 2 hours... :)

For a pup that had the most difficulty during birth, today she's the fattest one of the lot... O.o Her fur is lighter, most probably a light salt and pepper like her momma.

No.1 and No.3

They are all so adorable, and I wish I could keep them all...but I don't have the space, and I can't afford more doggies...*sniff*
They will be sold for RM 1000 each.
Puppies will only be sold to responsible pet owners who will be able to provide a loving home for them and able to shower them with lots of love and attention!

So if you are interested, let me know! :)

"It's not an option!"

You never insist anymore...
Friday, November 14, 2008 | By: babedevil

I'm FREEE!!!!!

Final exams are over!!! Finally!!! I blardi better not fail Design Patterns...don't wanna see APIIT exam hall ever again! Stupid paper is 100% exam based some assignment to help boost up my hoo!!! Came home feeling exhausted and crashed on the sofa. Woke up, didn't know what to do now that I didn't have to study anymore, so I went back to sleep....which explains why I'm still up at this hour... :s

Oh, the puppies are here!!! They were born on the 1st of November, right when I was at the Nuffnang Halloween Party. Dang it! Missed all the action. SissyDear was there to be the midwife. They are so adorable!!! 3 boys and a girl. Will post pictures and info bout them soon. Right now I need some 'relax' time. *plans what to do for the rest of the week*

I think I'm gonna go catch up on all the movies I've missed so far...*reaches for the Hancock DVD that has been sitting on the bedside table for ages* (and don't ask me why it's right there on my bedside table... :s)