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Malaysia Today, blocked...?

I read on The Star online that the government has issued an order to block the website Malaysia Today, whose editor is the infamous Raja Petra Kamaruddin. So I decided to check it out if it was true.

Guess what? I could still access the site. Was wondering why...Did someone botch the job up? Was the plan put hold? Or was the order retracted completely? Then I read CincauAaron's was mostly geek talk but I got the gist of why I could still access Malaysia Today. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was on my college's wireless and not TMNet. Not really sure though...couldn't put the theory to the test coz I couldn't connect to Streamyx.

Personally, I don't read Malaysia Today, but this whole blocking order thing is such a load of crap. Like, hello...they have a different opinion than you and therefore you want to censor it?Whatever happened to zero Internet consorship? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

The same goes for the recent Bar Council forum on the conversion to Islam. The forum was forced to end early because of the demonstrators outside the Bar Council building (which was a private premise by the way...). So that whole episode demonstrated the rule of the mob. As long as you rally enough people, you will get your way, even though how unlawful it is.

Like, come on...It's not like the forum were condemning any religion or anything like that, but it was to discuss the plight of people who were caught in between when someone converts. This are relevant issues that should be discussed, not just swept under the carpet!

Sigh, I seriously don't know where this country is headed. I'm not pro-government nor pro-opposition, I think they both have their own issues to deal with...but I think the recent support for Pakatan Rakyat could be a good thing, because now Barisan Nasional is forced to get out of their comfort zone and start listening to the rakyat; what the rakyat wants and needs, not what BN wants and needs. Hopefully, things will start to change for the better.

So in the next General Election, which way should I cast my vote? I'm still not sure...but I have around 4 more years to decide right? So political people/parties out there, you have that much or little (depends on how you look at it) time to prove yourself to me and the rakyat.

Wow, a post about Malaysia Today turned out to be a rant-y post about Malaysian politics...Sorry, couldn't keep it bottled up anymore.
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Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 (Aftermath)

Finding our way in was a nightmare. We actually went to the entrance at the cross junction leading to Pusat Sains Negara. There were so many cars parked along the road and the entrance was blocked off, so we were like "Crap, have to park at the side of the road ar?". And it was drizzling some more...So we went and found a parking spot right in front of Pusat Sains Negara. Damn far man! And it started drizzling even more. We just sat in the car, staring out.

"Let's go somewhere else first and come back later...."
"Let's go! *starts engine*"

So we were gonna leave the place, when I saw a sign saying 'VVIP/VIP/Guest entrance'. "OooOooo!!!! Follow signboard, follow signboard!!!". And guess where the sign led us to? The freaking entrance which was blocked off!!! $!$&#!*!$&$#$&*$! Ahhh...the effectiveness of Malaysians and their signboards....

So we stopped the car right in front of the entrance and were sitting there trying to figure things out. Then BabyLern decided to go down and ask the people jaga-ing the main entrance to show us where to go. Oooo, a man who asks for directions...!!!

When he came back, "I know where to go!!!" he declared triumphantly. <3
Turns out there is another entrance beside Royal Selangor Golf Club. And we finally made it in and found a place to park (no thanks to even more confusing and misleading and sometimes nonexistent signboards....tulan...). It finally stopped raining by the time we got down from the car. Thank god!

Went to check out the VIP tent first which was right behind the concert stage. Whoa! The tent was air-conditioned! And they had food and drinks! And a bar in the middle! It felt just like being in a club! You could even watch the whole concert on the TVs that they placed around the area.

Outside the VIP tent.

I got kinda cold after a while coz I was only in shorts and a sleeveless tee, so we decided to go outside to watch the concert. We got there towards the end of Samsons' set. Dewi Dewi performed earlier in the day. The crowd turnout was quite good, very enthusiastic. Some were even sitting on the grass at the back, having mini picnics. We stood at the back too, and the view was quite good! At least I didn't smell any smelly, sweaty armpits. Managed to listen for a while before Samsons left the stage...Walked around and finally decided to go back into the VIP tent. And there was Samsons having a meet-the-fans session. BabyLern was happily snapping away with his big-assed camera.

Samsons' at their meet-the-fans session.

Samsons with some fans.

Next to come on stage was Sheila On 7. They were really great! Very energetic and they had a good rapport with the audience. I didn't know most of their songs but I really enjoyed it nevertheless.

Akhdiyat leading the sing-a-long. He's giving the audience his approval!

I also noticed some weird people in the audience doing strange stuff. Some of them who were at the front were like, climbing all over each other and waving banners and T-shirts, and then they were falling over each other.... -_-'' erm, maybe all concerts in Indonesia are like that...???

Building higher and higher....

Sheila On 7 laughing at the jakun people

Like Samsons, Sheila On 7 also had a meet-the-fans session after their set. I even took a picture with Sheila On 7's lead singer, Akhdiyat. Hahaha...I so smart, there were so many people pushing and shoving to get a picture with him, but I just waited for him at the exit where there was no one around! Wakakaka!!! Suckers!!!

Next up after Sheila On 7 was Ungu. This time I lagi didn't know their songs but I still had a great time. They had a few technical errors early on into their set, so Ungu had to take a break while the technicians were fixing the problem.

Even their background is 'ungu'...hehehe....

Pasha. Cute...But on the short side...

While waiting for Ungu to come back on stage, we decided to go back into the tent and grab something to eat because it was dinner time already. And guess what??? I was seating like, less than 2 metres away from Ariel, Peterpan's lead singer!!! Woohoo!!! So there I was contemplating whether I should go and ask to take a picture with them, then I decided not to coz they were gonna have a meet-the-fans session anyway, and I can take a picture with them then. Or so I thought..........

So we were actually waiting for Peterpan to come on stage, which they did, at like around 9.30 p.m. I think everyone else there were also waiting for them, coz when they came on the people started crowding around the stage. My vantage point from the back even started getting crowded. Everyone were really into Peterpan's songs.

Ariel! He's so cute!!! *swoon*

With shirt....

Without shirt!!! WoooHoooooo!!!

At one point people started running towards the back...towards ME!!! So I also started backing up, preparing to run like mad...Then everyone started calming down. Turns out it was this big group of people dressed in black who were running around causing all the commotion. This put everyone on edge from then on. There was even once when a fight broke out and even the police came. A chase even ensued between the police and one of the back shirt guys, and they ran right in front of us!!! Scary! People were even more on edge after that. But everyone was still enjoying the show, so it was all good. They sang their popular song 'Mungkin Nanti' and right after that, they left the stage at around 10.10 p.m. They performed for less than 45 minutes man! :( Wanted more!!!

Oh know how I thought that I could take pictures with Peterpan after their set? Didn't happen! They cabut-ed straight after leaving the stage! Damn tak puas man! I. Is. So. Sad!!! Felt so cheated as I watched their van drive off.

We left soon after that also. We just couldn't stay for Slank's set coz it was getting really late.

BabyLern managed to get a picture of Slank in the VIP tent though...So at least we could say that we saw them... :)

All in all, I really, really enjoyed the concert. I surprised even myself. I enjoyed it more than the Blue or Good Charlotte concerts that I went to! At least this time I had a good view from the back where there are not so many people, and don't have to sniff any smelly armpits, or get my feet stomped into the ground. Aaahhhh....bliss....Sure, there were a fight or two. Or three. Or more like four....but hey, what is a rock concert without fights right?

Even managed to get a decent pic of myself...YAY!!!

*All photos courtesy of BabyLern*
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Sometimes...I'm not sure...

Sometimes I don't ask questions because I'm not sure if I really wanna know the answer.

Sometimes I look away because I'm not sure if I wanna see what's in front of me.

Sometimes I keep quiet because I'm not sure if I'm not gonna say the wrong thing.

Sometimes I worry about what you think of me because I'm not sure what you are thinking.

Sometimes I hurt quietly because I'm not sure if you are not unhappy.

Sometimes I have big dreams but I'm not sure if they'll ever come true.

Sometimes I think only of tomorrow because I'm not sure if there'll be a next week.

Sometimes I want to take the leap but I'm not sure what's waiting for me below.

Sometimes I look back at my life and I'm not sure what major things have I accomplished.

Another year will be passing.

Here's to another future year of more "Sometimes...I'm not sure..."s.
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Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour (Aftermath)

Just got back from the show. Went with SissyDear. Wish there were better signs directing us to the area. We parked all the way at Kompleks Sukan Negara instead of at Stadium Putra itself. Well, we saw a lot of people going there so we follow they say, monkey see, monkey do...Walked like freaking far to the entrance of the stadium. The show was supposed to start at 8.30 p.m. and we missed about the first 15 minutes of it.

If you are a fan of Disney's High School Musical, musicals in general, figure skating, or dancing, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you catch this show! But if you do not fit in those categories, then I would suggest that you don't bother. You'll probably be bored out of your mind, in the case of Exhibit A: SissyDear "Can we go home yet??? *looks at watch*"

I enjoyed the show immensely. I didn't really watch the movies, don't really know the songs, but all in all, I felt that it was great! The dancing and skating were really good, and the songs really catchy. I was taking pictures like crazy until SissyDear said "How many pics you wanna take???"

Me: *sheepishly hide camera* (and that's why you won't see any pictures from Act 2)

The show is actually split into 2 parts; the first part is from High School Musical 1 and the second part is from High School Musical 2, with a 10 or 15 minute intermission in between. And they have this huge screen in the background which shows pictures and stuff according to what is happening on the ice.

The turnout of the crowd was surprisingly good. I would say about 3/4 of the seats were filled, mostly by kids and their parents I might add. They practically knew all the songs and were singing and clapping along to them. I would suggest that you learn some of the more popular songs from the movies before going to the show, because it's seriously very catchy. I wanted to sing along with some of them, but I didn't know the lyrics. Damn!

The stunts that those skaters could do on the ice! They can even play basketball on ice, no kidding! Like, WOW!!! I can't even move on ice without holding on to someone/something. No, wait, I probably could, but I just wouldn't know how to stop, unless I hit a wall or fall down that is. -_-''

If I thought Act 1 was good, Act 2 was even better. There were mini fireworks going on and showers of sparks peppered throughout the show. There was even a part where Kelsi, one of the characters, started interacting with the audience, asking them what she should name her new song, which the kids eagerly shouted out the name (it was 'You Are The Music In Me' by the way...). Things heated up even further when Troy's shirt was torn off in the middle of the ice rink during his 'makeover' and the audience started clapping and catcalling and whistling. Oooo....And there was even a kissing scene between Troy and Gabriella. I was half expecting the Malaysian Censorship Board to jump out and scream "CENSORED!!! KENOT WATCH!!!" O.o

The show ended around 10.15 p.m. liddat. Didn't really know exactly what time it ended coz I had to pee really really badly -_-''

Verdict: Many, many thumbs up!

P.S. Will post up some pics soon!
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Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour

More free tickets!!! Yippie!!! This time the tickets were supposed to go to BigSissy, but she'll be in Singapore tomorrow night, which is coincidently the time of the show. So now I'll be going instead! Hmmmm...not like I'm a big fan of Disney's movies High School Musical 1 and 2, but hey, since I have free tickets, might as well have a look see right? Woots!

Visit their official website here.
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Pesta Malam Indonesia 2

Date: 16th August 2008
Time: 10.00 a.m to midnight
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club
Ticket Price: RM53 from Ticketpro

I was given VIP tickets to this Indonesian concert event. People were surprised when I told them that I was going, but hey, Peterpan and Sheila On 7 (my favourite big acts from the Indonesian music scene) will be there, so how can I miss it right? Other big Indonesian acts like Samsons, Ungu, Dewi Dewi and Slank will also be headlining. Malaysia's own Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain will also be there as the opening acts.

The event starts at 10 a.m. with some activities and games going on. The actual concert will only start at 3 p.m.

Visit Pesta Malam Indonesia's website for more info. See you there!
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Haze is back

Last night in bed, I was wondering why I was smelling something burning. It was 3am in the morning so people couldn't be burning rubbish at this time right?!

Then I read the papers today. Turns out that the haze is back because of Sumatra...stop clearing your farms by burning it la, diu! Doesn't help that the peat forest in Dengkil has been burning for the past 2 days either. And Port Klang has an unhealthy API reading of 104 (unhealthy = 101 to 200) wonder I can smell smoke here.

Community service reminder:
Stop open burning now!
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Late Night Encounter

In Klang now. Camping in front of the TV with PinkLappie. MiloDog and LiloFatty just found something interesting to play with and are chasing it around the house.

Turns out it's LittleSiuKeong's cousin...*shrieks* *picks up phone and prepares to speed dial BabyLern* Oh, wait...he's sleeping already....Arghhh!!! *runs to look for Shieldtox*

*rummage rummage* Where on earth does Mumi keep the damn Shieldtox???!!! *dig dig dig*

Finally found the damn spray. There were triplets actually. And unopened. *tears plastic off*

Went back to find the little bugger. Turns out he disappeared into the curtains. No way am I gonna go looking for it...Uh-uh! *shakes head*

So now I'm camping in front of the TV with PinkLappie. With the can of Shieldtox sitting quietly on my lap. My eyes are constantly being drawn back to the curtains, seeking out any signs of bug life. OoooOooo!!!! There it is!!! *charge forward with Shieldtox*

*press Shieldtox nozzle thingy*..........*it refuses to be pressed down*

*press press*..........*still not cooperating*

Argh! Still virgin! *press harder* *cracking sound*

*death fumes fill the house* Haha...take that! Ooo, I feel so Godlike...!!! *laughs evilly*