Thursday, May 31, 2007 | By: babedevil

Private posting = cannot

Sigh...I just found out that Blogger doesn't provide password protecting for posts. I can only make my WHOLE blog private, but not 1 particular post.

This. Sucks.

So now I whenever I have something private to blog about, I have to go to my other private 'ma fan'. ARGH! Why can't Blogger just provide the stupid damn bloody setting??!!!
Thursday, May 17, 2007 | By: babedevil

Big Huge Rant #1

I was unceremoniously fired from my post as Head of Administration of my Technical Assistant Team in my college!!! And I had to find that out from Bari...not my boss, CHC himself, but Bari. Bari was just letting me know that I was no longer holding my post (he doesn't have the authority to fire me anyway). CHC couldn't even have the decency to tell me know in person. I had to find out from a third party. Show some respect lah! In an organisation, if you release someone from their post also you'll let them know face to face right? Or at least send them some notification.

Before this, last week, I was reading through the minutes of the Technical Assistant's General Meeting (I wasn't present that day), and it said that 2 other people had volunteered for the post of Admin Head and Assistant. Okay, fine...I decided that I was just going to buat tak tau because the proper procedure for electing a new Board Member was to call a Board Member's meeting and discuss potential candidates first, then only decide. But this was not done, so I decided to just keep quiet about it and see if anyone approches me to inform me about any new changes. No one did. Then today Bari came and told me that the 2 people who volunteered are to become the new Admin Head and Assistant. Like, WTF???!!! Then he said that CHC was not happy with the performance of all the existing Board Members, so they are all let go of their posts. What the friggin' hell...??!!! Not happy with my performance??!! Eh, hello! I just joined the Admin Department early this year (and that was as an Assistant), and I was only promoted to Admin Head 2 or 3 months ago!!! So how the hell can you say that you are not satisfied with my performance???!!! I haven't even really had a chance to really prove myself in the Admin Dept yet!

According to Bari, CHC was really upset about the condition of the team now, especially after the new batch of trainees. Apparently, the team is not performing up to expectations. Well, if he was so upset about it, why did he let all of the trainees into the team in the first place? Fix the existing problems first before you go recruiting new people know some of the seniors' knowledge about running the lab is not that good, so what do you expect them to teach the new trainess? Surely all the information passed on will also be incorrect right? So how would you expect this new batch of trainees to excel? And the thing is, why is all this reshuffling happening now only? After the return of KimmyS (big boss) to the T&I department? Previously, CHC was really laid back about the running of the lab...but after the big boss came back, apparently CHC was under pressure about the team, then he started taking it out on us and saying that he is very unhappy about the condition and wanna change the way we work and blablabla.....Like, why didn't you do this sooner? Why wait so long until the condition is so bad and you're receiving flak from the upper levels then only you wanna do something about it? Now it's just creating a lot of discontent among the TAs (me anyway).

I'm still so pissed that I was just removed from my post without so much as a by-your-leave. As if I don't deserve some measure of respect. When I first came to my post I did everything that CHC asked me to do. He said that we're going to be audited by ISO and we need to standardize our forms...ok, I went and got all of it done. Now all the new forms are up and in use. He also asked me to help think of a solution for the problem of missing cash...ok, solution found and implemented. So what the hell do you mean that I haven't been performing my duties? And the thing is, I'm the only person doing all the Admin work. Do you know how much paperwork that entails?! Who do you think I am? Superwoman? Not only am I not shown some appreciation, I am not even accorded some common courtesy. And it's not like I'm being paid any extra wage for being the Admin Head. I get what any other normal TA does, but I have more workload.

Now, after being unceremoniously fired like that, I'm still expected to go back and train the new Admin Head and Assistant on the administration procedures. HAH!!! Fat chance! After the way I was treated, do they REALLY think that I would be willing to waste my time training the new Board Members?
Friday, May 11, 2007 | By: babedevil

Paris deserves it!

I'm hooked on E! (not Ecstasy de drug, but entertainment E!). It's basically a channel (channel 76 on Astro) where they gossip bout all de celebs in Holywood. Everyday on E! is like 1 huge gossip fest! I LUV it!!! Thanks Wawa for introducing us!

Ok, ok...that's not the point of my post today. What I really wanted to rant about is a particular celebrity/heiress and her jail sentence. I was watching E! News the other day and they reported that Paris Hilton recently started a petition online to get The Governator to intervene on her behalf regarding her jail sentence. She maintains that the sentence was unfair and that she didn't know the full situation bout the terms of her probation. Cool! So does dat mean if I get caught for de same offence I can just say dat I didn't know/wasn't informed bout my sentence??? Bullshit!!! Appeal all you like lah, but what's all that nonsense bout not knowing??!! If you couldn't be bothered in the first place then that's your problem why now must create all this petition bullshit some more???!!! She should just suck it up and take her sentence like any other non-celebrity/heiress. Berani buat, berani tanggung.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 | By: babedevil

Girl on girl action

And before your dirty little minds go wondering off somewhere, I'm actually talking bout the massage dat I had this afternoon. *pop* haha, can hear ur bubble bursting adi...As I said, I had a massage 2day, after my facial, a full back massage. And that's when I found out what those disposable G-strings were for...You see, you're supposed to wear it if you don't want your undies 2 become all oily...because a full back massage means they'll massage the whole back part of your body, and I DO mean WHOLE, which of course, would include your ass as well...I actually didn't know bout the 'WHOLE' part...I just thought that the lady would just do the upper part of my back. Imagine my surprise when she actually started kneading my ass. Ahhh, but it was so relaxing...*giggle*

And I'm de sort of person who cannot tahan pain 1...and when anyone massages me, I feel very geli (you can ask JJ bout that). De first time that my masseuse started massaging my shoulders, so sakit (this 1 JJ n JuYau sure enjoy 1...dunno how some people can tahan dis kinda pain...enjoy it summore!!!)! I had 2 tell her not 2 use so much strength. So she was a bit gentler, but for de entire session I was grimacing n giggling 2 myself...hehe, geli la...

At 1 point, she suddenly ran her fingers up n down my spine...n I'm not meaning gently, but she actually pressed hard! I think she actually climbed on de bed to get the leverage to press down dat hard! OWWW!!! MCB, WTF @#$%^&*&*$@!#@@#$ Sakit la!!! I tried 2 'yan' la (I damn power 1) but then after a while I kenot tahan adi...I blurted out (in cantonese), "Not so hard! Not so hard! Too painful! Too painful!" But then I think she cut my session short coz since I kenot tahan that, she also kenot do anythin else...Aiya, nevermind la, I was also 2 sakit n 2 geli 2 continue much anymore...

All in all, I had a pretty relaxing day...went back 2 BigSissy's place n took a long nap...*snore* So 'song'. Mayb I'll go again next week...
Monday, May 07, 2007 | By: babedevil

I'm finally freeeeee!!!!!

....sort of (still got exams to go). I just finished 2 of my assignments which due dates were back to back. Needless to say I was up until the wee hours of the morning trying to finish my work...(dat's y la...procrastinate summore la...) The earliest that I went to bed was 3.45 am I think...I was even keeping Jackie The Metrosexual up....sorry la, but have 2 rush la...but u coughing so badly, not like u can sleep also rite...? I was so stressed for the past week, and when I'm stressed, all sorts of things start happening 2 me...pimples start popping up on my face (which hardly EVER happens to me, but now I'm staring at 3 tiny 1s), my lupus starts flaring up again (which makes me look like I'm blushing 24/7), or my cycle will be all screwed up (I've even missed it once, got the shock of my life coz it usually means 1 thing....*cue suspense music*).

But now I'm finally (sort of) FREEEEEEE!!!!! Passed up my last assignment on Friday. Thought I could at least sleep till noon on Saturday, but then I found out that SissyDear wants 2 go to 1U in the morning to exchange Dad's pants. Hmm...sleep or 1U...? I'm tired...but I've also not been out for like, ages......aiya, go only la....Then on Sunday had 2 wake up early 2 do tired...But I managed 2 catch up on my DVDs!!! Hmmm.....3 down, 28 more 2 go....