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What's your style???

You know, you can actually find out bout a person from the way they write. Your writing style can really reflect your personality. Recently, I was kinda crushing on dis guy...then I got his blog address from Grace-y. Went there, read his posts and OMG...he sounded so immature!!! Talk bout bursting your bubble, might as well have been a bomb exploded on it...~swt~

So now like no 'feel' already loh...all because of a blog...~double swt~

Crap...I hope I'm not giving a bad impression with MY writing style...die la...

Blablabla #3

You Are 24 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
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Blablabla #2

I began dying when I began living...
Thursday, September 21, 2006 | By: babedevil

Blablabla #1

Smartest decision of the year:

Katie Holmes thinking bout NOT marrying Tom Cruise...WOO HOO!!!
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Stupid Spain

Spain made me lose again...this time it's RM150 :( How can they lose 1-3 to France???!!!

I repeat...Stupid Spain
Saturday, June 24, 2006 | By: babedevil

Maple Story

Was working at the Maple Story 1st Aniversary event at APIIT today. Haven't really played Maple before....I prefer RO cause I feel Maple is more childish. Cute characters though....But it was so hot that day....I was all sweaty and sticky the whole day. The turn out wasn't that good...not many people came......The thing was supposed to be over at 5.30 pm, but they made us stay on until 7pm. And we only got paid RM70, even though we stayed back for an hour and a half :( But I managed to grab some posters and limited game items for Ede.....Hmmm....I wonder if I can sell them for cash....?

Bye bye RM150

I went to the Guiness Black Party at Ruums last night. It was kinda boring so one of my friends suggested that we go over to Passion. I wanted to watch the game (Saudi Arabia vs Spain and Ukraine vs Tunisia) so why not....headed there, got a table and was watching the Ukraine match through the window. But it was so cold that the window was fogged up. Could hardly tell what was happening on the screen. Thank god later one of the employees took that window-washer-squegee-thingy and wiped the least now i can watch the match properly.

But 30 minutes into the game I was despairing already. Stupid Ukraine still hasn't scored a goal. There goes my RM100....(Ukraine was giving 1 ball to Tunisia, so they had to win by at least 1 goal so I won't lose my RM100).....was sitting there grieving with my drink when suddenly, into the 70th minute, GOAL!!!!! Ukraine scored de first goal!!!! Yay!!! I was practically screaming there in the bar...OMG, I hope Tunisia doesn't score the next goal.....At least now I won't lose my RM100...Gosh I hope Ukraine gets another goal so I will get RM100!!! ......Well, they didn't....but I was satisfied that at least I didn't lose any money. Then I found out the score for the Spain match...1-0...Stupid Spain....why cannot score 2 more goals???!!! Make me lose money only.....

I wanted to go home and sleep already, but my friend didn't want to leave yet, so I had to stay loh (he was my ride home)...he wanted to finish his bottle of expired Chivas so he tried to make me drink, but I didn't want to drink anymore!!! Before that also he forced me to drink beer (which I hate!). So I was kinda upset at him because of that. Why can't people just accept it when others say 'No'? I was feeling really tired and I had work the next day summore....Later he and my other friends managed to finish the bottle, but then he wanted to go downstairs and oklah, I was feeling kinda high other friends had to go and move their car or sumthin, so it was just me and him...went down, started dancing....was kinda feeling bored dancing there with him, but then I saw Ede and the gang!!! OMG, I've never been happier to see anyone in my life!!! So I kinda ditched my guy friend and went to hang out with Ede. We were just chatting when I got a call on my cell. It was JohnJohn...

"Hey, where are you?"
"Look up" *Me looking up* "Look Down" *me looking down* "Look left" *me looking left*
"Oi, where are you la???"
"Look right"
*me feeling played :(* "Dun want...."
"Look right!"
"Dun want!!!"
"Just look right!"
*sigh* "Ok....." *me looking right* "John!!!" *grin*

Turns out, he was sitting there the whole time...went over there and chatted with him...then he told me he wanted to bet on the next matches with my I called the bookie, but I didn't understand what he was talking bout the odds and all so I let JohnJohn speak to him. He wanted to bet on South Korea so I decided to follow him. I actually wanted to bet on Switzerland but what the hell, maybe JohnJohn knows better. So I placed my bet for RM100 while he bet RM500. We wanted to bet on Togo as well, but in the end, tak jadi...Well, to make a long story short, South Korea lost 2-0.....

Stupid Spain, make me lose RM50

Stupid South Korea, make me lose RM100

Stupid me, for listening to JohnJohn
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I snagged 2 VIP passes to the New Man Party @ Zouk tonite, but BigSissy said I can't go cause I had to jaga BabyTy. Damn sial man....why can't the party be next week or something???!!! ARGHH!!! This would have been the first time I'm going clubbing in like, months!!! So instead of getting ready for the party, here I am, blogging bout how miserable I am...*sob*.....didn't even go out today coz all my friends were either too busy, or sleeping coz they stayed up late watching football. -_-" What a sucky day...

*2 hours, 47 minutes and 21 seconds till the start of the party, which I am not going to
Tuesday, June 06, 2006 | By: babedevil


It left a scar!!! *sob*

P.S. I would have loved to show you a pic of my bruised eye, but Wawa deleted it >:(
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Catfight??? NOT!!!

BOO HOO!!! I had a run in with a metal barrier!!! Was walking back to class from the smoking tree. Got to that car park barrier thingy n saw a car there waiting for the guard to beep the card to open the gate....that's when I got distracted and the next thing I knew....WHAM!!!.....the barrier made contact with my right eye. Oh, the pain!!! it was partly my fault for walking there in the first place (should have walked on the other side...damnit!), but I thought the guard saw me!!!! Stupid guard....I blame the object of my distraction too (which shall remain anonymous)!!! WaWa was with me and JohnJohn had just walked out, so they saw everything. Guys, if I go blind or anything rite, I'm gonna claim insurance from APIIT and you guys be my witnesses ok? Luckily WaWa was there to take care of me (JohnJohn had to go home). My wound was bleeding a bit, so WaWa bought some tissues for me. He also bought himself a can of latte, which I used to put on my eye to reduce the swelling (cold mah...). Went to class and that's when the questions started...."Aiyo, wat happened to your eye?!", "Who punched you lah?", "Catfight ah?! I want to watch!", "Tell lah...." And I spent the rest of the day trying to hide it with my hair. Sigh. Hope it won't leave a scar... :(
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Dedicated to JW

Some time ago, while talking to JW, I think he misunderstood me a bit.

"JW....we so long never have yum cha session already...I'm gonna blog that now you and Tze Lun too busy to teman me go yum cha already..."
"Wah, my name is in your blog ah?! Must go and check it out loh!"

So now I'm feeling kinda bad coz I didn't blog about it. Well JW, to make it up to you, I have now mentioned your name 3 times! No, wait...the title counts as 1 that makes 4!!! Hmmm....4 only ah?? Kinda little rite....??? Ok loh....JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW, JW....See, your name appeared so many times on my blog!!!

Problem solving

I finally found out what was wrong with my blog! A few weeks ago I decided to check on my blog, but when I went to the site, the only thing that was showing was the end part of my Chatterbox. So I thought that maybe it was just the computer settings or the java script that was not allowing me to view the whole page. Ok, fine...being the lazy person that I am I didn't bother checking on another PC, I thought it was just this one PC that was being problematic. But then today when a trainee* found my blog, he also said that he couldn't view anything..So I hairan-lah. I went to check it out again on another PC and I couldn't view it there too. So I went back to my html codes and as I was scrolling down, I was like "How the hell did my codes become so short??!!"...... Turns out, when I last updated my blog with my Chatterbox code, something went wrong when I was saving the settings, so most of my codes were deleted, leaving only parts of the Chatterbox code. THAT'S why nobody could view de whole page.......But rest assured, it's all fixed now (well it HAS to be, since you are reading this now...) problem solving skills so keng!

*thank you Ihsan!
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Breathe baby, breathe!!!

Sigh...I guess it's about time I gave my blog a little CPR...come on baby, don't you dare die on me now....The wake up call came from someone who left a comment on my blog last Saturday... That sort of reminded me that I still had a blog to look after....even my Flooble chatterbox was deleted :( I think it happened when I balik kampung (forgot to ask you guys to spam my chatterbox a bit....sigh)

It's been ages since my last post, but it's not that there wasn't anything to blog about (I made a lot of drafts, I swear!), it was just that I was waiting for pics to upload with my posts...but my frens took such a freaking long time to give them to me, so fuhgetaboutit! From now on, there will only be words on my blog (If you happen to see a stray pic popping up here somewhere sometime, count your blessings, it means that I was in a good enough mood to upload some). Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go sign up for a new chatterbox.