Thursday, June 19, 2008 | By: babedevil

Me = Stupid

Me. Feel. Stupid.

You know why? Coz....Me. Feel. Stupid.

How could I have not thought about THAT before???!!! ARGH!!! Watever la...berani buat, berani tanggung....

But again....Me. Feel. Stupid.

Project Fuhgedaboudit: Progress Update 4

Yet another external variable has been introduced! Observation have been made even though it was not part of the project, erm,

ARGH!!!! Don't even feel like continuing with the project anymore!!! Total and utter CHAOS!!!Someone please just kill me!!!
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 | By: babedevil

Petrol Hike = Tempers Hike

After the petrol price hike, whenever I take a bus to college, I've noticed that there are more people on the bus compared to before, no matter what time of the day it is...Guess more and more people are feeling the pinch...

Took a bus home last night. First time since the petrol price increase coz SorryWrongNumber has been sending me home all this while. Couldn't send me back this time coz his brother was following him home. And can I say, OMFG!!! I am never ever ever ever ever gonna take a bus home after 5pm anymore (unless I asolutely have to...)!!! The bus back to Puchong was so freakishly packed! Luckily me have veli good system...take the bus to KL Sentral, then wait for the bus that goes back to Puchong. It takes longer because the bus actually goes to Pasar Seni first before turning back towards Puchong, but at least I get to sit down for the whole journey, and don't have to push and shove with all those other people.

Nowadays, there are these people from the RapidKL who are stationed at Brickfields, presumably for crowd control. Last night, they kept on trying to literally push people onto the bus, even though it was packed until there was no place to move already. People standing beside me were practically landing on my lap. Ish...

Tempers were also running high that day. At Pasar Seni the bus driver was yelling at these 2 Indian girls for lying to him and saying that they wanted to go to Pasar Seni when they actually wanted to go back to Puchong. I guess the girls told him that so that they could get on the bus. Ok, so maybe the girls shouldn't have lied. But then again they knew if they didn't, they wouldn't have been able to get on the bus....What's so wrong in getting on the bus whenever and whereever you want? As long as the person has a ticket there shouldn't be any problem right? Why must make the person wait for the return bus??? Especially when there are no proper places to sit and wait also...

Then at Pasar Seni, people were pushing and shoving just to get onto the bus. Total and utter chaos until one Indian uncle was so pissed off and started cursing and swearing at whoever had pushed him. They were sitting somewhere behind me some more, so freaked out that the verbal fighting will escalate to physical fighting, and I will kena as well :s (Luckily it didn't get to that)

And there was this lady who went up to this man and his kid who were sitting down. She asked the father "Dia ada bayar tak?", pointing to the kid. The kid looked to be around 7 or 8 years old. I think she wanted to tell the kid to give her his seat coz he didn't pay. The poor father also like stoned there, don't know what is happening. MeanLady repeated the question a few times, each time getting more and more menacing, until another lady told MeanLady that kids under a certain age don't have to pay to ride. MeanLady looked so offended and disgruntledly walk to another part of the bus. What is it with these kind of people? So what if the kid didn't pay to ride the bus??? He didn't have to! He had as much right to sit there as MeanLady. I mean, if it was some bags or stuff on the seat then I would be pissed also la...but come on! It's another human being sitting there la! Just because you are older than the boy and paid for your ticket you tai sai ar??!! Babi betul...!

Haih....I seem to have a rant everytime I take public transportation. This cannot be good for my blood pressure man....Can probably get so worked up and suffer from a heart attack one day...... -_-''
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 | By: babedevil

Project 'Fuhgedaboudit': Progress Update 3

Rejection phase seems to be becoming more and more of a success as time passes. Maybe it is because catalyst is just being static there. There have been no evolution to the whole reaction process. Catalyst is also disproving a previous hypothesis, which was formed on subject requirements, and this disprovement seems to be the contributing factor to the success of the project.

There has also been the addition of an external variable which was not anticipated on the project.

The plot thickens....*~jeng jeng jeng~*
Sunday, June 15, 2008 | By: babedevil

Pick me up...(update)

He emailed me managed to get pass my junk guard... -_-''

The following is an excerpt of what he sent me...

i miss ur pretty face.

sweetie do u remmber me.
am Destiny."

Thursday, June 12, 2008 | By: babedevil

Pick me up...

Seriously, not asking people to pick me up, but just something that happened to me on the a black dude....again....So here I was, happily sitting on the bus. Three stops away from where I got on, this dude got on the bus. The bus was pretty empty at the time, and he walked past where I was sitting to the back of the the bus, presumably to get a place to sit there. A few minutes later, the next thing I knew, he came back and sat beside me. I looked over and saw that he was a black guy. Oh, crap. Starting to suspect something already. And true enough, he started chatting me up. Why is it always that a black dude is always trying to pick me up from somewhere..??? So he started asking where I was going, what I was studying, what was my name, saying how beautiful my name was, if I had a boyfriend, a husband, and all those kinda stuff...Sigh, and here I was hoping to be able to catch some sleep before I reach my stop. I just politely replied his questions with short answers. I didn't even ask his name when he asked mine for goodness sake!!! I was just hoping he'd get the hint and leave me alone....I was seriously not in the mood to be picked up. Then he said that when he was running to catch the bus, he saw me in the window and something happened to his heart or something like that. O.o So I was like, Oh, ok...*whatever*

Persistent fellow though. Kept asking for my number even though I politely refused him a few times. Even said that he admired me for not lying and giving him my number but not picking up when he called. Then a few tries later he wanted to give me his number pulak. Like WTF....So I said no thank you la...Then he started saying like how much he admires me for not giving him false hope by taking his number pretending I'd call. Then I just continued looking out the window. Mana tau, that fella then asked me for my email address. OMG, if I give it to you will you just leave me alone??!!! So I just gave him my address, the one where all my spam goes...wakakaka!!! Me so evil!

Finally, my stop arrived. I practically cabuted from the bus! ARGH!!! Freedom!!!
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Project 'Fuhgedaboudit': Progress Update 2

A lot of interesting things has been happening on the project. Subject has finally initiated deeper contact with catalyst. However the results of that contact has its own confusing parts. Certain hypothesis has been disproved, but then again other hypothesis has been uncovered.

However, even though this development has occured, subject is finally beginning to exhibit signs of rejection. Maybe the recent contact has resulted in a wrong chemical reaction that wasn't anticipated...

Now seriously thinking if the project should be abandoned, when the goals of the project is finally getting on track....
Monday, June 09, 2008 | By: babedevil

Project 'Fuhgedaboudit': Progress Update 1

A lot of developments have been happening. But unsure of what the results mean. All earlier hypothesises have been proven inconclusive, or there has been contradicting findings. Uncertified expert's advice has been followed, but even more confusion has ensued. Catalyst's characteristics also seems to be evolving. Catalyst is not co-operating with the whole project. In other words, it is not doing what it is expected to do.

Subject has not been sufficiently kept away from catalyst enough, which is attributed to the fact that catalyst has not been co-operative.

So now, a new path for the project must be decided. It's either draw a new hypothesis or total abandonment of the project in its entirety. Further consultations with uncertified expert is imperative before a decision of this magnitude can be made.
Saturday, June 07, 2008 | By: babedevil

SummerSplash yang tak jadi...

Just got back from Sunway Pyramid. Went for the Roxy SummerSplash thingy (tickets courtesy of Cincau), but in the end guess what??? Didn't even manage to get in!!! The line was like, freaking long!!! Imagine the distance from Putra LRT ticketing counter at Masjid Jamek to the Star LRT ticketing counter on the other side of the road, and back again....that was how long the queue was!!! Couldn't even get through to Cincau's phone. That time it was around 12-something pm, the event was supposed to start at 1pm only, so SingingMan, Coffee, SorryWrongNumber and I decided to come back later and maybe the line wouldn't be so long....

So we went walking around Sunway Pyramid. Checked out some cameras and finally, ended up whiling the time away at MPH, but they had limited choices of books there so got kinda bored after a while. Nearly 3pm, we decided to go and try our luck again...WTF, went there and saw that the line was even longer than before...!!! Ok, forget bout it, dun wanna go in adi...So, in the end we went to J.Co to hang out....haih...wore my swimsuit for nothing....I kinda hate crowds btw...the only time I would line up with all those crazy people like that is when there is a super huge and great rave....yeah baby!

Nearly 4pm, I was starting to panic adi. Was supposed to go home with Cincau coz I have to be back at Bkt Jalil by 5pm coz got family dinner later, but still couldn't get hold of him. How now???!! Finally he messaged SorryWrongNumber saying that he was at Carl's Jr with his friends. Oh, thank god! Went there to meet up with him, and he was eating this thingy that had fries with meat sauce all over it....OMFG!!! It was so GOOD!!! Or maybe it was just my hungry tummy talking...but seriously, it was good!!!

Finally, Cincau finished his food (with lots of help from me... XD) and we left...But as usual, Cincau misplaced his car again... -_-" Reached home at 5.15pm, and BigSissy said she wants to leave for UncleKC's place adi, which is like now!!! Omg!!! Pack, pack, pack!!!


And this is not the stupid thing that they make you write for every assignment documentation. This time I'm really writing this because I'm really, really, seriously, grateful to these people.

Last assignment submission was yesterday. And for the past few weeks SingingMan, Coffee and SorryWrongNumber are the ones who have been keeping me going, if not I definitely would have committed suicide long ago adi. Especially thanks to SingingMan and SorryWrongNumber for running up and down the stairs yesterday to help me print and bind my assignment. Thanks also to my geek, Cincau who helped this tech dummy figure out how to use her Microsoft Word 2007. *muax!!!!* SorryWrongNumber has also been sending me home these past few nights, tenkiu, tenkiu....(wonder if it'll still continue now that assignments are over, and petrol prices are going through the roof...SorryWrongNumber, *wink wink*....joking la, joking la...)

I also wanna thank this particular black guy on the bus the other day...It was a day when I was feeling particularly down and depressed because of my assignments. He was sitting beside me and he tried to pick me up...not that degrading, sleazy Malaysian wolf-whistle-kissy-kissy-sound kind of pick up, but a real pick up, starting with a nice conversation and a genuine interest. It was a real ego boost and he really lifted my spirits. Didn't give him my number though coz I just don't do that with random strangers (had enough experiences with weirdos already) but all in all, it was really nice and sweet. But for some reason, I get picked up more by foreigners than by Malaysians....hmmm...maybe I don't have enough 'Malaysian Flavour', or maybe I have too much.... :s

Ooo, oooo....I wanna thank PkY and Fin too for taking time off their seriously busy schedule to help me with my assignments. *bows down in gratitude*

Ok, given my track record, I'm bound to have forgotten if you had bent over backwards to help me but your name doesn't appear here, then I'm so, so, so sorry....It's not intentional, but you know la, I can probably even leave my kids (if I had any) somewhere and forget about them. So to all those people whose names are not here, tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu!!!! Should probably put that 'thank you' animation that JJ has, here....

Monday, June 02, 2008 | By: babedevil

Project 'Fuhgedaboudit'

Sigh...Been swamped by tons of projects lately, and I still have one more assignment submission and a midpoint to go. I'm also currently in the midst of project 'Fuhgedaboudit'. Just recently initiated the 'Rejection' phase, which basically involves immersing the subject in the catalyst, until the subject finally develops rejection towards it.

The findings so far are not optimistic....'Rejection' phase seems to have stumbled upon some hiccups, catalyst has proven to be most resilient to rejection. If the situation continues on this downward spiral, 'Breaking' phase would have to be initiated. However, 'Breaking' phase will only be initiated as a last resort, as things might get ugly for the subject in this phase.

Further research will have to be done to discover ways to recover the failing 'Rejection' phase. Consultations have been done with an uncertified expert, and the outcomes of these consultations are being considered against their pros and cons. For the next few days, the subject will be kept away from the catalyst pending results of the research analysis.

Progress of the project will be updated periodically.

Young Love

Had to go to work early today. Waited for the RapidKL bus at 5.45am. Near the bushes and under the tress. So was dark and there was no one around...Summore the other day the newspaper lady told me stories of people being robbed in my area, snatch bag, even old lady's necklace. I kept looking left, right, behind, even looked up just in case someone suddenly dropped from the trees...Ok, so I'm a bit paranoid...but lots of bad shit have been happening to me house was robbed, my bag got stolen, so you can't blame a girl for being a little paranoid right??? Luckily I only had to wait like, 5 or 10 minutes for the bus....Oooo...and I heard Kedah dialect on the bus today....I felt so excited for some reason...made me miss my hometown. Sigh....

Oh, the other day I was on the bus and there were this group of girls on the same bus. They looked to be like, secondary school kids. At one of the stops, this group of guys boarded the bus and suddenly the girls were all gelabah. It looked like the two groups knew each other....the guys were like, teasing the girls and the girls were pretending to ignore them...Awww....Reminded me of when I was younger and behaved like them also....Gosh, I'm making myself sound so old.....

Got to KL Sentral at 6.30am, and guess what? I was the 1st one there. Typical....the company bus was supposed to leave at 7am, but we only left at 7.25am because of the latecomers...4th day already man, and this same couple is late again....the agent's workers kena diu by the agent for being late...not my group la of course, coz we are always punctual. *kembang*
Sunday, June 01, 2008 | By: babedevil

Paid Sunday

Am at Starbucks now, working. Yup, that's right, I'm being paid to blog and go shopping and sit around and hang out. WOOTS!!! Yesterday, I was at Lot 10, and managed to get Balenciaga purses for Mumi and SissyDear. I owed them like, damn a lot of presents already, and the purses were on sale, so everyone is happy :D Going to 1Utama later. I think I'll try to look for a belated birthday present for Ty....Blue dog plushie sounds like a good idea...Don't know if they make those, but Celine told me that they have a blue Patrick, so must try and look for it later....

Have been home alone since Friday, and I have to say, it was real lonely and sien. SissyDear went to Klang to stay and took the dogs with her. Luckily, I had a guys night out on Friday with Jeff, Steven, TC, JM and Banana, or else I would have gone nuts at home. And why do I call it a guys night out when I'm a girl? Well, it's coz they were checking girls out the whole night :s Kinda missed having the dogs around though. I keep catching myself calling out to them to give them tummy rubs, but then I remember that they're not home... :(