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Memories *sniff*

I was just going through all my old Friendster testimonials. They made me laugh, then I felt like cyring. Some testimonials were from my old school mates, some of whom I haven't been in touch with for quite a while. Reading what they wrote for me made me remember the good times we had. I wonder what happened to us...we were such close friends, but somehow we just sort of drifted apart. We probably just got caught up in our busy lives, made new friends and just didn't keep in touch with the old ones. I guess life can be a bitch sometimes. Well, excuse me while I go and make some calls...

Are you or aren't you?

You know, I've noticed that foreign guys (FG) are more aggressive when they are chasing after a girl. He'll often call and sms her, and ask her out especially on weekends. He gets her little things and say "Just saw that and thought about you...". Whenever he's going out to a party or gonna hang out with friends, he thinks "Hmm, I wonder if she'll be interested in joining?" and proceeds to ask her along, and won't take no for an answer, even if it means he'll have to drive to the other end of the state just to pick her up.

For her birthday or Valentine's Day, he does something sweet and special for her to make it a memorable day. He gives her little compliments like "You look really nice today" to brighten up her day. He'll sneak out of class to accompany her when she's sitting all by herself.

With FGs, you can almost always tell when he likes you. On the other hand, local guys (LG) chase after a girl in such a lowkey way that sometimes the girl is left wondering "Is he into me? Or is he just treating me like a friend? Is he interested in taking our friendship further?". Furtive looks are the most lowkey tactic. I mean, it's okay if a girl does it, but come on guys, have some balls and just approach her la...(I'm old fashioned that way; guys should approach the girl first)

LG: *furtive look* OMG she's looking here!!! *look away*
Girl: Was he just looking at me??? OMG, does he like me *swoon*??? Hmm, but it was just a look, maybe I'm thinking too much.

And if LG doesn't ever approach her, this will probably go on till either
a) the girl losses interest in LG
b) they graduate and never see one another again OR
c) she gets herself another boyfriend *knife through LG's heart*

Either way, LG doesn't get the girl.

I'm not trying to say that all LGs are like that (some can be really sweet and romantic too), or that FGs are better than LGs...but it would be nice if more LGs were more straight forward when they are going after a girl. Seriously, girls would really appreciate it....I know I would.
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Argh, crap...

Registered for Nuffnang the other day, or more like, tried to...but I put the wrong email address!!! So they sent the activation mail to a non-existent email add!!! Tried to register for that email add but stupid Gmail refused to accept that log in name. Then tried to register again at Nuffnang but they wouldn't let me use my nick!!! "Nickname already taken" Ya, I know...I took it, but put the wrong email add!!! I want my niiiccckkkk *wail*!!! Oh, this is so crappy!

But Nuffnang will delete it sooner or later if that account isn't activated rite...rite?? Rite???!!!
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Support Aural Joint!

Aural Joint (previously known as Andronicus) is WeeWee's baby...he's damn proud of it (duh, who wouldn't be proud of their baby...) and he should be coz it ROCKS! Their album is coming out soon in early August (hopefully), so wait for it! Currently they have completed 2 songs...they both sound really good, but my personal favourite is 'Fall'.

Their instrumental version of 'Someonelse' is also the soundtrack for a movie in the Singapore Film Fest. Wah, don't pray pray ah....

They have seriously improved since their Andronicus days. Now they sound as good as those other Malaysian rock bands who are already receiving a lot of airplay on radios. WeeWee, when you are super-duper famous adi, dun forget me ah...!
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Emo, emo, emo...

Been staying up really late these few days weeks, all because of this stupid Taiwanese show on Astro AEC that I'm watching ('It Started With A Kiss', seriously not recommending this to anyone). Stupid, stupid show...the girl is so weird looking, the guy is not even that good looking, but somehow I just can't help myself! I'm a sucker for those 'girl meets guy, girl likes guy, guy sort of likes her but doesn't wanna show it' kinda shows. And I wasn't even planning to watch it! When you put a remote control in a bored TV addict's hands, shit happens.

And OMFG, the female lead character is so irritating. It's like she's so tak malu when it comes to chasing the guy. And her tactics not like to say works also. Makes her look so pathetic (cringe-in-mortification kind of pathetic)....The show airs at 9 pm but I usually have to catch the rerun at 2.30 am coz I'm watching my Chinese show on Wah Lai Toi at that time (can you say 'TV addict'???).

So now I'm going to classes looking like a zombie, hardly acknowledging anyone, and giving monosyllabic replies. Just excuse me when I'm emo-ing there by myself, it's nothing personal...Don't go and silently emo me back ya...

I still luv you guys...MUAX!!!
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The other day Celine told me that I could find out more bout who visits my blog if I joined Advertlets. Ok, so I did...but now I'm lost!!! What am I supposed 2 do next???!!! I'm so confused.....
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What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
ass (5x) dead (2x) murder (1x)"

Ceh...based on those words oni ah? I thought it would be rated by the number of f-words dat I use (coz I DO cuss a lot....). So kids, you have been warned....

Oh, and I checked out a few other blogs, and guess what, JJ's blog is rated G (General Audiences), "No bad words were found" ! Wah...JJ, you are such a good boy la....!

Rant #2

1. Bloody freaking headache is having a bloody freaking rave in my head.
2. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
3. I'm so sleepy that I'm daydreaming that I'm sleeping.
4. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
5. Stupid Taiwan show which has been keeping me up is so stupid, but I can't stop watching. I can't help myself!
6. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
7. I have to go to college early morning tomorrow. Cannot sleep in...crap!
8. SissyDear's bf is an ass.
9. Headache just graduated to a mini migraine. Getting its diploma now.
10. Did I mention that SissyDear's bf is an ass??? Oh, I did...Well, he is...
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JJ visited my blog!!!

Opened my mail.

"JJ has left a new comment on your post "Bad, bad Malaysian attitude" "

Thought JJ = JiunJie.

Comment = "Hey thank you for listening to us and yes there are people who believe they are invisible."

Me = "Huh? 'listening to us'??? Wat on earth u talking bout dude???"

Clicked on the link at his name, n OMG, I was at JJ from's blog!!! Wah, my small time blog also got celebrities visit! Haha...I think my blog must have turned up as a search result coz I mentioned JJ and Rudy's name in my post. Cool!!!

And of course I listen to Brokeback/True Zeroes/Morning Crew JJ and Rudy! They're hilarious! Especially with their spoofs and parodies like Don't Cha (from Pussycat Dolls) and We're Not So Furious (from Teriyaki Boyz's Tokyo Drift). Every morning on the way to college, I'll be tuning in to and laughing to myself like a mad person in the car. Good though, at least other drivers would think twice before cutting a madwoman's queue....WAKAKAKA *cackle*
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UVNation Pt 2

Ok, continuation:

Quite empty when we got in...duh, still bright so de vampires not out yet...

Things finally picked up n every1 started dancing. Dat time DJ Desire was on de decks. She played quite a good set, but I can't really dance 2 Tech-House n Techno 4 very long (I'm more of an R&B person), so we headed over to Urban Room. But they weren't playing R&B yet, so we just sat at the side for a while. Hung around just enjoying de music, then we went 2 get drinks. N you know de damn bloody fucking thing???!!! We were supposed 2 get coupons n redeem those for drinks, but WTH, there was only like 1 girl there selling the coupons. Eh, hello....this is an event where an estimated 20k people are supposed 2 attend, n you only station 1 girl there to sell coupons???!!! *grumble grumble* *push push* Finally got de coupons for our drinks. Went 2 de bar n I heard some people saying that there was no more beer. Like, WTF??!! It was only 10 or 11 sumthin n you guys ran out of beer??!!! Then de girl behind de counter said that de beer is on de way, but it won't be cold. Double WTF!!! Who likes 2 drink warm beer???!!! Talk about poor planning...couldn't de organisers anticipate the crowd size n sufficiently prepare enough drinks??? Luckily, my vodka sprite was still available, thank god! Cool bartender gave me equal parts of vodka n sprite. Usually they only give 1/4 liquour n de rest mixer. Luv you man!!! Drank up n was feeling REAL good. So I dragged de rest of de gang back on de dance floor. Benny Benassi finally came on with lots of fireworks (like, real, exploding, colourful fireworks) but we could only hear it. And de damn malu thing was, right after he came on and all that fireworks display, technical error pulak. I'm not sure whose fault it is la, but I don't think it was Benny's. WAKAKAKA, you have an international DJ coming 2 Malaysia n your equipment crashes??? Oh, so damn memalukan. Poor Benny....haha....they finally got it fixed, Benny played, every1 happy. Oh, n I sort of seriously, m not 2 say really absolutely positively have fond feelings for shufflers. One, they hog de whole dance floor. Two, they can practically dance all nite, ergo they hog de dance space de whole nite. Three, you can't flirt dance with a shuffler, so you can never pick up any cute shuffler guys. Four, they stomp, not step, STOMP on other people's feet. Bloody assholes....I have bruises all over my feet already.

Main arena when DJ Desire was spinning

This was at Urban "Room", I think...

Alex De Ghost!!! EEEEEKK!!!

Met a couple of people dat nite. Nick, StanTM's fren; Jasper; Marcus, his gf Junee Foo (who turned out 2 b StanTM's 'khai mui', small world), Syami, Gigi, n Edwin (I think I saw Gary too); Point Blanc, dat 'Ipoh Mali' guy (I didn't even know who he was at 1st, until EmilyBoo mentioned dat song *blush*. I took a pic with him!);

Me and Point (mind u, it was taken rite b4 we left n I was all sweaty from all dat dancing)

n OMFG, I saw Ooi Yee Ker also!!! Haven't seen her since secondary school. Didn't talk 2 her though, she was working 4 de event n was very busy.

We finally left about 1 sumthin, went 2 Jasima at TTDI for 'yum cha'. Heard EmilyBoo ordering Indomee Double. Haven't eaten dinner yet n haven't ordered a double before so I ordered dat too, thinking dat it was just cooked using 2 packets like I do at home (well, I use 1 1/2, but I can't say "Boss, Indomee satu setengah" can I??? Then heard Celine ordering Indomee with 'telur mata lembu'. Huh??? Telur mata LEMBU???!!! Alex: "Mata KERBAU isit???". Me, Celine, Alex n the fella taking our orders started laughing. WAHAHAHA...dat was good! Then my Indomee came...Like, huh??? Wat on earth is this?? It was just noodles fried with cabbage, some meat n egg, n it was like loaded with pepper. I thought Indomee goreng is supposed 2 be Indomee instant noodles with a fried egg on top???!!! not nice...I only ate like 1/4 of it n gave de rest to CincauAaron n EmilyBoo. N it cost me RM7...yer, such an unsatisfying dinner/supper. Went home, n started on 'UVNation Pt 1' post. THE END!

My ticket stub n wrist tag

P.S. I missed Benny Benassi's hit track Satisfaction! Crap! I was waiting de whole nite for it summore... :(
P.P.S. I heard dat they ran out of water at de rave at 1am....isn't dat kinda like, dangerous??? Oh, those poor clubbers...

*pics "filched" from Celine, EmilyBoo n CincauAaron...Sigh, de 1st ever time dat I post pics on my blog, it had 2 be of clubbing....

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UVNation Pt 1

Ok, I'm gonna keep this post as short as possible coz it's freakin 3am in de mornin n I'm damn freakin tired. Just got back from UVNation n after-party-yum-cha-session, n now I'm blogging while removing my makeup so dat later I can just jump into bed n snore till tmr today morn afternoon evening. Ok, here's wat happened:

Got 2 1U at around 4pm. Parked at B2 Rainforest. Ok cool, we're (was with CincauAaron n Celine) in de rite zone coz I hav 2 collect my tickets at 4th floor Rainforest. Walked up like damn freakin banyak escalators. "Y on earth didn't we take de elevator?!" Finally, reached 3rd floor, saw tables with "Ticketing Area" signs. Eh? I tot I was supposed 2 go up 2 4th floor? Ok watever, went n asked de lady at de table for my tix, n she said come back in half an hour. Babi, walked all de way up so fast 4 nothing. Then walked all de way 2 old wing to find Starbucks coz we din know if there was 1 in new wing. Ordered our drinks (my Banana JavaChip was damn bloody sweet) n sat there till like 5 sumthin. EmilyBoo was still waiting 4 StanTheMan 2 pick her up. So we went back up 2 collect my tix. ~ok this is seriously taking 2 long~

Collected tix, went window shopping, went back up at 6 sumthin, started lining up 2 get in. EmilyBoo still not here yet. Poor girl, they're gonna b stuck in de huge massive jam outside 1U. Finally got in at 7 sumthin. Security asked 2 check my IC. Wah, I look so young ah??? *blush* Went 2 main arena, not many ppl there yet. Me n Celine needed 2 go pee pee again real bad n we didn't wanna use de portable loos, so we went back down 2 de shopping complex. did our business n went back into de dance arena. Finally EmilyBoo, StanTheMan n Alex joined us. Babi, they wore white! Forgot bout de UV lights thingy....Jalan here, jalan there, n was just standing around like orang bodoh, coz who de hell parties when it's still light outside???!!! ~fuck it, dis is taking 2 long...I'll continue tmr or sumthin, gonna go snooze now~
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Blablabla #6

I'm feeling so weird today. Came back from gym at nearly 2pm, then for some reason I started surfing while standing chair but dun wanna sit, sot adi la me. Stood there for like, nearly half an hour if you can believe it. Finally sat down, then MaidYun came and gossiped with me for another half an hour. Then went back to surfing (sitting down). Now, it's 4-something pm, and I still haven't bathed yet. Feel so sticky now...having a discussion with Celine and CincauAaron bout tomorrow's UVNation (by the way people, I'm giving de other ticket to Celine). Then now Bryan is asking me to go to tempted, haven't been there before, but I already made plans...oh,well...another day la Bryan! Yay!!! I'm going to UVNation!!! Ok, I seriously need a bath now...

P.S : LCA didn't show up again today...sigh....
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Weird maid

Today seriously not my day la. Class ended at 6 and I thought of going to BigSissy's place to take a nap while waiting to pick SissyDear up. Went there, rang the bell, waited, but no one opened the door. Rang the bell again, waited again, but still nothing. Repeat a few times then got fed up and decided to call BigSissy's handphone. WTF, never pick up the phone pulak. By then it had started to rain already. Tried the bell a few more times and in the end gave up and went back to the car. Then drove back to college. Sohai, waste my time only. BigSissy couldn't have brought the maid out rite? If she had, she would have told me. Aiya, that maid also got a bit of problem 1 la...The other day SissyDear came to pick me up, rang the bell a few times but the maid didn't open the door. I was upstairs and wondering why the maid still haven't opened the door. I thought maybe the maid busy or something, so I went out of the room to look. I saw the maid running towards the door, but when she heard the room door open she just froze there. She stood there doing nothing for a while. When I came downstairs, she turned to me and said "Oh, Kak Irina ke?". Like duh, go and check it out lah if you don't know who is at the door. For what stand there doing nothing while the bell rings? Haih...

Bad, bad Malaysian attitude

I went to University Hospital to collect my medication today. I always dread a visit there, not because I'm afraid of doctors or needles or anything like that, but because of the traffic. UH's traffic system sucks, and today, it was worse than usual. At the main entrance, there will usually be 2 lanes, 1 for dropping off and picking up, and the other for normal traffic. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why some people refuse to go to the drop off lane when they want to let people down from the car. They'll stop right smack in the middle of the normal traffic lane...So damn bloody inconsiderate! And the people they let off are usually elderly people, and people who need crutches or a wheelchair, so they take damn freaking long to get out of the car, creating a massive jam that stretches all the way outside the hospital grounds.

So jam jam jam until finally, I clear that area. Then bloody hell, get stuck in another jam, this time caused by the cars going into the parking area! UH's traffic system sucks even more here. The place is SO sempit, and most of the time it's only a 1 lane road. Then these stupid kiasu people just have to go so damn freaking slow, trying to find a spot in the first few levels. It's like die die HAVE to find a spot at 1st or 2nd floor. Eh, hello! Upstairs still got belambak of parking space la! And then some people, even when they know someone is waiting for their parking spot, they'll still take their own sweet time getting into the car and reversing out of the parking spot. ARGH!!! $!#$&*!#$%#$@ Finally managed to get to the 4th floor and parked my car. So many parking spaces! Dunno why those idiots turning around in circles downstairs.

Went to the main tower and wanted to get an elevator to the 2nd floor. And I came across another seriously fucked up Malaysian attitude. Some people simply don't have the courtesy to wait for others to alight from the elevator before getting in. They insist on pushing their way in even though the people inside are trying to get out. And this elevator I wanted to take wasn't one of the normal sized elevators you normally see. This elevator's opening was like less than the width of 2 people standing side by side, so you can imagine how sempit it was, and they still want to push their way in. Sohai.

Finally got to the pharmacy place and lined up to get a number. Enter bad Malaysian attitude number I-Dunno-Wat. This elderly lady just came up to my line and wanted to cut queue. It was like the Hitz.FM's JJ and Rudy ad about cutting queue, "put signal, act like dunno, act like dunno!" Hey, I don't mind letting elderly people go first, but at least have the decency to ask before cutting queue la...Can say "Excuse me, Ah Girl, but PoPo very old already, legs very painful, cannot line up so long. Can I go first ah?". But no, this old lady just buat tak tau and wanted to cut queue. Celaka, who willing to let la like that? So I also buat tak tau and inched closer to the front. Sooner or later she got the message that I wasn't gonna let her cut and she went to another line. So exasperating!

Everytime I go to the hospital sure my blood pressure sky-rockets wan...but what to do, have to go also. Haih...

UVNation tics

UVNation is happening this Saturday at 1Utama rooftop (5th floor) carpark. Event starts at 6pm onwards and international DJs Benny Benassi and Scot Project will be there (woo hoo!). I've got 2 free tics, but there's no one to accompany me (not yet anyway). So who wanna teman me? I'm actually still waiting for a friend's reply, but till then who wanna be on standby??? But I got a few requirements:
  • must be outgoing
  • must be able to have fun with new people whom you have just met
  • must be able to dance and not stand there like a stick throughout the whole rave
  • preferably has a car, and preferably willing to pick me up and send me home (eh, I'm giving you ticket worth RM53 ok...)

So if you are interested, let me know...but if my friend wants to go, then sorry ya...

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Blablabla #5

I'm channelling a dead character...

Which ''Heroes'' TV Character are YOU? [pics]

Eden McCain
You're Eden!!! You can make people do whatever it is that you desire. You are good at making people think the way you want them to. You make things happen. You are extremely smart and quick-witted and you are used to getting what you want. You know what's right and wrong but sometimes get sucked into things bigger than you. You know how people work and you enjoy manipulating them to get what you want. You have the power of PERSUASION. That power comes in handy when you're getting pulled over, attacked, or when you have a full sink of dirty dishes and don't want to do them. Unfortunately, you're dead now.
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

Found this at JW's blog, and at the same time came across a spoiler for Heroes (which by the way, I didn't want....oi! I haven't watched that far yet lah...I know la you guys can download, but I'm watching on Astro la...)