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It's not about the price tag...

You know the guy who proposed to his girlfriend via a billboard on the LDP? The one with the message "Kelly Tan E Li, Will You Marry Me?" and a picture of him holding a ring?


What touched me the most wasn't the fact that he spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the proposal, but the fact that this guy isn't ashamed to want everyone, including strangers, to know that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Doesn't that just make you wanna melt into a puddle of mush with a silly grin on your face? I think I can sorta imagine how his girlfriend was feeling when she saw the billboard... :)

Sometimes it's not about practicality, but romantic whimsicality....
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Bondi Beach in Malaysia

The other day, Thomas asked a bunch of us to go for a food tasting session at Bondi Beach Grill & Bar.

It’s located at The Curve, right next to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on the 1st floor. Lern and I have passed by the restaurant with its big signboard a few times even before they opened, and each time he will rave about how Bondi Beach in Australia has these fried Mars bars (which sounds pretty interesting). Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this Bondi Beach we went to doesn’t serve fried Mars bars.

The surf board looks like it just survived a shark attack...LOL

It’s newly opened, on the 15th of November. They offer free wi-fi and they even have their own restrooms (unlike some of the eateries around The Curve). No hunky, blonde, blue eyed surfer dudes, or even beach babes in tiny bikinis here, but I guess I’ll just settle for good food... :)

The interior with a bar in the middle.

A choice of al-fresco dining or just to chill out.

Bondi Beach Grill and Bar is not the place for you if you are looking for fine dining. They offer a more simple and natural fare, and their food is cooked with olive oil. According to the management, theirs is a backyard barbeque concept; but what sets them apart is their specialty sauces which complements the food. Any barbeque maestro will tell you that a good barbie is determined by the sauce.

For some of their dishes, there is a choice of different portion sizes; appetizers/mains. There are also a variety of categories to choose from; ‘burgers n sandwiches’, ‘flamin kitchen’ and ‘giant skewer’.

The menu

Their beverage list is pretty decent. There are no special concoction beverages (the fanciest they have are smoothies), but it’s adequate enough. The cheapest are sodas and ice lemon or orange tea (RM 9), and the most expensive (not counting alcohol) is freshly squeezed apple or orange juice (RM 15). Beers, alcohol and a wine list are also available. Bondi Beach is currently having happy hours all night long, even including weekends.

Ice Orange Tea
RM 9

The first dish we were served was Grilled Oysters topped with Buttery BBQ Sauce. The appetizer portion comes with two oysters while the main portion comes with 10 oysters. If you are squeamish about oysters like me, this dish might change your mind. The BBQ sauce with a dash of Tobassco really made the difference. I was slurping it all up!

Grilled Oysters topped with Buttery BBQ Sauce
RM 21/RM 32

Spotted: Photographers with big-assed cameras swarming over food *flash flash flash*

The second dish was Prawn Pinwheels, which are “spiced tiger prawns grilled on a bed of curly endives”. The appetizer portion come with 3 skewers of prawns, the main portion comes with 5 skewers. Now, I’m not a huge fan of prawns, but I’m telling you, this dish was my favourite for the night! The prawns were so juicy and succulent, with that delicious taste of perfectly grilled food. Ooo...I’m drooling already just by thinking about it!

Prawn Pinwheels
RM 16/RM 21

What was served next was the Seafood Kebabs with Dill from the ‘giant skewer’ category which has tiger prawn, soft-shell crab, squid, tenggiri, courgette, cherry tomato served with tartare sauce on what else but a giant skewer. One of the tiger prawns I tasted was not so fresh, but I think that was the only exception (I still prefer the Prawn Pinwheels though...). The soft-shell crab was a nice touch to the dish, delicious too I might add, with its char-grilled taste. Squid and tenggiri fish were not bad too. The tenggiri was soft and flaky.

Seafood Kebabs with Dill
RM 38

Next, we got to sample some dishes from the ‘flamin kitchen’ category. All of the dishes in this category are served with their specialty sauces, though if you want more (which I guarantee you will) you can always order extra from their ‘Sauce Selection’ menu (RM 3). We were served the Rib Eye, Sirloin, Fillet of Dory and Salmon. Each dish comes with baked creamy potato with cheese, and vegetables. The sauces which accompanied the dishes were Bondi BBQ, Mushroom, Black Pepper, and Lemon Herb Butter.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t cook your steaks past medium rare. So the Rib Eye was quite a disappointment for me as it was a tad over done for my liking, which made it quite tough.

Rib Eye
RM 32

For me, the Sirloin is one of the tougher cuts of meat, but this time the Sirloin was just nice. It was cooked pretty well also; not too rare that you would expect it to ‘moo’ at any time, and yet not too overly done that it feels like you are chewing rubber.

RM 28

I personally preferred the dory over the salmon because the dory was juicier. I found the salmon a tad dry. It was an excuse to slather more Lemon Herb Butter sauce on it though... :D

Fillet of Dory
RM 21

Salmon with Lemon Herb Butter sauce
RM 28

As for the sauces, they were all superbly delicious. The Bondi BBQ sauce has a nice balance between sweet and sour, while the black pepper is just nice without being too overpowering in its peppery-ness. The usual mushroom sauces I taste are pretty bland and lacking that oomph. But Bondi Beach’s mushroom sauce was really flavourful, with lots of mushrooms in it.

Black Pepper, Mushroom and Bondi BBQ sauce
RM 3 per bowl

For desert, we had Honey Grilled Banana with Coconut Flakes, and Apple Cinnamon Comb. All dessert are served with vanilla ice-cream. The grilled bananas were just so-so, and I wasn’t a fan of coconut flakes.

Honey Grilled Banana with Coconut Flakes
RM 8

The Apple Cinnamon Comb was better, especially eaten warm with the cold ice-cream.

Apple Cinnamon Comb
Rm 12

Me digging in!

Hmmm....Might I suggest fried Mars bars for the dessert menu to spice things up....? *grin*

The food reviewers with our host for the night, CS, in front.

Bondi Beach Grill & Bar
Lot 146, The Curve,
No 6, Jln PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47860 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03 7729 2441
Fax: 03 7729 4852

Operation Hours:
12 noon - 11pm (Sunday ~ Tuesday)
12 noon - 2am (Wednesday ~ Saturday)

*All photos courtesy of chunglern

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Finally! After such a long hiatus, I'm finally going clubbing again tonite. Well, it's more like an event in a club la, but I don't care! It still counts!!!

*digs out clubbing gear*

Wow, I seriously haven't gone clubbing in ages. Well, if you don't count the Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party which was held at Borneo Baruk Club la....but that was only an event where nice dancing music was only played for, like, 10 minutes...??? And the rest off the music can only be heard from personal music devices, which was downloaded before people came to the party....I guess that was why they named it a SILENT Halloween Party... :s

After I got the 'Plus One' tag added to my name, I have never gone out clubbing. Having a 'Plus One' that is not into late nights doesn't help matters much. I SO miss the music, and the dancing, and the late night yum cha sessions after that. After yesterday's presentation, I seriously had the insane urge to go out like I used to again....not necessarily clubbing, but spending late nights out hanging with friends. I seriously, seriously needed it. It was like how a man dying from thirst needs water. It was THAT bad.....

So last night when CincauAaron told me he was going to OK magazine's 3rd Anniversary Party at Zouk KL as the photographer for one of the sponsors, I thought of tagging along. I saw the event on Facebook once, but didn't really occur to me to go. And I heard Zouk got a recent makeover, haven't been there in a while, so wanted to check it out too. Seeing as I had nothing to do and clubbing was on my to-do list, I decided to go. Lern couldn't make it so I'm going with Celine instead.

OMG!!! I can't wait to step into a club again!!!

*blows dust off clubbing gear*
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Depression setting in...

Just finished my Final Year Project presentation.

It was NOT good.

My advisor made me feel so stupid.

"Why did you do it like that?"
"I hope you documented that..."
"What if the user doen't know which stop he's at? This doesn't seem very user friendly to me."
"You are supposed to use an algorithm to prove that you are a Software Engineering student!"
"This is a Final Year Project! You should have explored that topic further!"

....and the list goes on.....


I. Is. So. Depressed.

Need. To. Do. Something.

Or. Else. I. Keeeel. Myself.

Hmmm.....feel like doing something crazy now... hungry...lunching with CincauAaron. He said he'll be here in 30 minutes, but knowing him, it might take longer than that... :s

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Stuff that gets on my nerves

I find it irritating when people make different plans with different people on the same day and time. I mean, sure, I know you want a backup plan just in case one of your plans don't work out, but at least have the decency to let the other person know that you are making other plans as well. What happens when both the people you are making plans with all can make it? So which one do you choose?

I find it irritating that people make appointments and promises with you, and all is set, then in the next instant agree to go out with someone else at the same time. Like WTH!

I also find it irritating that people make you promises that they'll do something for you but then show no enthusiasm or indication that they will follow through with it. I think I'll much prefer it if you didn't make me any promises at all...keeps the disappointment rate down.


Holidays are only holidays if you are not stuck at home for more than 70% of its I am right now....sigh...I seriously have no idea what to do. Langkawi trip is end of next week, and I don't know how to occupy myself till then!!!

Thought bout looking for a job, but hey, who looks for a job on their holiday???!!! *scratches that off the list (for now anyway...)*

So, next up, catch up on all my TV series (which also means that I'll still be stuck at home). Oh wait, I just finished that last night (with the exception of Heroes of course, since CincauAaron gave me House instead of Heroes...but no biggie, finished House anyway...). *scratches that off the list as well*

Shopping? Sorry, bank account dwindling already. Been swiping the card like mad... -_-'' *scratch scratch*

So what now??????? *wails*

But at least I'm meeting Mun tomorrow night and Wawa next week...Haven't been catching up with them for ages!!! *hearts*

So that should keep me occupied for those 2 days...Now it's just the rest of the days of the days leading up to the Langkawi trip!!! Anyone wanna ajak me out....? *makes Puss-In-Boots cute endearing face from Shrek*

P.S. Oh shit...I just remembered that I have to prepare slides for my Final Year Project presentation tomorrow!!! Wonderful holiday right? *dripping sarcasm*
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Chivalry is not dead

Took the train back to Klang a few nights ago...reminded me of the first time I did that.

Klang is not exactly very safe. In fact it's got a reputation for being pretty dangerous nowadays. If some people think that my Puchong area is not that safe, wait till they see Klang. My Klang house was even robbed once.

So the nearest station to my house in Klang is the Teluk Gadong one. In daylight it looks pretty dodgy already, so you can imagine what it looks like at night.

I was coming back from PC Fair at KLCC. When I arrived at the station, it was so dark and dodgy. The ticketing counter was closed as usual (they only seem to open during peak hours when people are going to or returning from work...). So I was waiting at the stairs for SissyDear to pick me up. It was really quiet. Not many cars were passing by as well...

Then this guy came on his bicycle with a torchlight in his hands. He got off, came towards me and started asking me something loudly. I was kinda freaked out naturally, I could hardly understand what he was saying. It sounded like Bahasa Malaysia but spoken by a Chinese person who couldn't speak it well. I just sorta like went "Huh?". He repeated himself loudly a few times and started gesturing wildly. He also started talking into his walkie-talkie and waving his torchlight around wildly.

Ok, now I'm starting to panic a little...What if this psycho guy starts getting weird ideas? I was thinking of what could I defend myself with should he try something stupid...Hit him over the head with my PC Fair flyers...? I had quite a thick stack, but I don't think it would make much of a dent... :s

Then suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me, "Apa you mau?". I turned and saw this young Chinese guy standing protectively behind me. He must have gotten off the train at the same time I did and was waiting further away. He must have just only walked over to where I was standing because he wasn't there a moment ago.

PsychoGuy turns to ChineseGuy and starts talking loudly to him. By now I could sorta understand what he was trying to say. He was asking where is the station security guard. ChineseGuy answered "Tak ada, tak ada" and some more words were exchanged between them, and PsychoGuy talking into his walkie-talkie every few seconds. Then PsychoGuy said something like he was gonna find the security guard and scold him for leaving his post or something, then got on his bike and pedaled away.

I was kinda standing there blur blur, thinking to myself "What the hell just happened here". Then I noticed ChineseGuy moving away. So I turned and gave him a small smile of thanks. He smiled back and walked away.

A few minutes later, his friend came and picked him up. SissyDear came not long after that.

So this night will always be remembered as the night a total stranger had the chivalry and decency to come to my aid. *hearts*

P.S. I later found out that PsychoGuy was indeed psycho. Apparently, he likes to go around wearing a RELA vest, carrying a torchlight and walkie-talkie pretending he was a RELA member. But he's not. He's talking to no one when he's using his walkie-talkie. Poor fella....
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Miniature Schnauzer puppies in need of a good home!

By now the puppies are 18 days old. 3 boys, 1 girl. All of them have already opened their eyes and are starting to stand up and take their first steps already! Gosh, I sound like a proud momma...!
Their tails have been docked (i.e. shortened...don't worry, didn't hurt them a bit) and all four have already been registered with Malaysian Kennel Association, which means that they are pure-bred. Ready to go to new homes at 9 weeks old. A bright and loyal breed who will be a great addition to loving homes. Great with children and sheds minimal hair (you hardly notice hair lying about). Does not require much exercise and thrives well as an indoor pet with freedom to roam the house.

Let me show you how cute they are...
All four of them before their tails were docked. L-R: Boy No.1, Girl (No.4), Boy No.3 (top right), and Boy No.2 (bottom right)

Boy No.1. He's a bit darker like his daddy.

No.1 sleeping with his tongue hanging out...hehehe...

No.1 having a nice nap...whenever he's not feeding...

No.2 after we changed his ribbon to a Ralph Lauren one...this is one classy puppy :D

No.2's fur is light and brownish. Most probably will be a salt and pepper like his momma. favourite...doesn't this picture just make you wanna melt...???

No.3's fur is also darker like his daddy's and his bottoms of his paws are slightly tinged with white fur, which I think is adorable...maybe that's why he's my favorite...hmmm.....

The girl (No.4). She took the longest to come out of momma. It almost looked like she was a gonner already...but luckily she pulled through and came out after 2 hours... :)

For a pup that had the most difficulty during birth, today she's the fattest one of the lot... O.o Her fur is lighter, most probably a light salt and pepper like her momma.

No.1 and No.3

They are all so adorable, and I wish I could keep them all...but I don't have the space, and I can't afford more doggies...*sniff*
They will be sold for RM 1000 each.
Puppies will only be sold to responsible pet owners who will be able to provide a loving home for them and able to shower them with lots of love and attention!

So if you are interested, let me know! :)

"It's not an option!"

You never insist anymore...
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I'm FREEE!!!!!

Final exams are over!!! Finally!!! I blardi better not fail Design Patterns...don't wanna see APIIT exam hall ever again! Stupid paper is 100% exam based some assignment to help boost up my hoo!!! Came home feeling exhausted and crashed on the sofa. Woke up, didn't know what to do now that I didn't have to study anymore, so I went back to sleep....which explains why I'm still up at this hour... :s

Oh, the puppies are here!!! They were born on the 1st of November, right when I was at the Nuffnang Halloween Party. Dang it! Missed all the action. SissyDear was there to be the midwife. They are so adorable!!! 3 boys and a girl. Will post pictures and info bout them soon. Right now I need some 'relax' time. *plans what to do for the rest of the week*

I think I'm gonna go catch up on all the movies I've missed so far...*reaches for the Hancock DVD that has been sitting on the bedside table for ages* (and don't ask me why it's right there on my bedside table... :s)
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Puppies for sale!!!

Okay, my damn FYP is finally finished and handed in! Lots of drama in the process and sleepless nights, but now I can finally breathe a sigh of relief...I guess the one sorta good thing that came out of it was I lost 2kgs in 5 days! Of course la, so stressed and tired until no appetite to eat...everyday just drink 1 cup of Milo for brekkie and eat like 2 tablespoons of rice for dinner, Kate Moss would be proud of me man...

But guess what? I'm putting it all back on!!! It's like after handing the whole project to the admin lady and signing the form, my appetite miraculously came back! Went to McD's for dinner and wolfed down a double cheeseburger with lots of fries and coke... -_-'' And for the next few days, the catching up process was in full drive...catch up on sleep, catch up on TV, and most teruk-ly, catch up on food...*wail!!!*

Oh ya, you must be wondering bout the title of this post rite? Sorry, got carried away...back to the topic...

So as the title says, I have puppies for sale!!! Pure-bred Miniature Schnauzers! Not sure how many yet, coz they're not born yet...hehehe...due date is soon, should be one of these days, not more than a week more.

I currently only have a few pictures of the proud parents, more to be uploaded soon...

BabyMomma aka Lilo

BabyMomma as a puppy

BabyDaddy aka Milo as a puppy

Will upload more pictures of the parents later or pictures of the puppies if they come sometime soon...they're going for RM1000 btw. The parents are all Malaysia Kennel Association (MKA) certified, pampered house pooches, vaccinated and very healthy. The puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated and come with MKA cert as well. Tail docking will be optional. More details will be provided when the puppies arrive. Till then, let me know if you are interested!

But please, only responsible and loving pet owners need apply. You must be willing and able to give lots of love and attention to your dog. I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT hand puppies over to people who I deem will be unfit owners!!!

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Malaysia Today, blocked...?

I read on The Star online that the government has issued an order to block the website Malaysia Today, whose editor is the infamous Raja Petra Kamaruddin. So I decided to check it out if it was true.

Guess what? I could still access the site. Was wondering why...Did someone botch the job up? Was the plan put hold? Or was the order retracted completely? Then I read CincauAaron's was mostly geek talk but I got the gist of why I could still access Malaysia Today. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was on my college's wireless and not TMNet. Not really sure though...couldn't put the theory to the test coz I couldn't connect to Streamyx.

Personally, I don't read Malaysia Today, but this whole blocking order thing is such a load of crap. Like, hello...they have a different opinion than you and therefore you want to censor it?Whatever happened to zero Internet consorship? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

The same goes for the recent Bar Council forum on the conversion to Islam. The forum was forced to end early because of the demonstrators outside the Bar Council building (which was a private premise by the way...). So that whole episode demonstrated the rule of the mob. As long as you rally enough people, you will get your way, even though how unlawful it is.

Like, come on...It's not like the forum were condemning any religion or anything like that, but it was to discuss the plight of people who were caught in between when someone converts. This are relevant issues that should be discussed, not just swept under the carpet!

Sigh, I seriously don't know where this country is headed. I'm not pro-government nor pro-opposition, I think they both have their own issues to deal with...but I think the recent support for Pakatan Rakyat could be a good thing, because now Barisan Nasional is forced to get out of their comfort zone and start listening to the rakyat; what the rakyat wants and needs, not what BN wants and needs. Hopefully, things will start to change for the better.

So in the next General Election, which way should I cast my vote? I'm still not sure...but I have around 4 more years to decide right? So political people/parties out there, you have that much or little (depends on how you look at it) time to prove yourself to me and the rakyat.

Wow, a post about Malaysia Today turned out to be a rant-y post about Malaysian politics...Sorry, couldn't keep it bottled up anymore.
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Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 (Aftermath)

Finding our way in was a nightmare. We actually went to the entrance at the cross junction leading to Pusat Sains Negara. There were so many cars parked along the road and the entrance was blocked off, so we were like "Crap, have to park at the side of the road ar?". And it was drizzling some more...So we went and found a parking spot right in front of Pusat Sains Negara. Damn far man! And it started drizzling even more. We just sat in the car, staring out.

"Let's go somewhere else first and come back later...."
"Let's go! *starts engine*"

So we were gonna leave the place, when I saw a sign saying 'VVIP/VIP/Guest entrance'. "OooOooo!!!! Follow signboard, follow signboard!!!". And guess where the sign led us to? The freaking entrance which was blocked off!!! $!$&#!*!$&$#$&*$! Ahhh...the effectiveness of Malaysians and their signboards....

So we stopped the car right in front of the entrance and were sitting there trying to figure things out. Then BabyLern decided to go down and ask the people jaga-ing the main entrance to show us where to go. Oooo, a man who asks for directions...!!!

When he came back, "I know where to go!!!" he declared triumphantly. <3
Turns out there is another entrance beside Royal Selangor Golf Club. And we finally made it in and found a place to park (no thanks to even more confusing and misleading and sometimes nonexistent signboards....tulan...). It finally stopped raining by the time we got down from the car. Thank god!

Went to check out the VIP tent first which was right behind the concert stage. Whoa! The tent was air-conditioned! And they had food and drinks! And a bar in the middle! It felt just like being in a club! You could even watch the whole concert on the TVs that they placed around the area.

Outside the VIP tent.

I got kinda cold after a while coz I was only in shorts and a sleeveless tee, so we decided to go outside to watch the concert. We got there towards the end of Samsons' set. Dewi Dewi performed earlier in the day. The crowd turnout was quite good, very enthusiastic. Some were even sitting on the grass at the back, having mini picnics. We stood at the back too, and the view was quite good! At least I didn't smell any smelly, sweaty armpits. Managed to listen for a while before Samsons left the stage...Walked around and finally decided to go back into the VIP tent. And there was Samsons having a meet-the-fans session. BabyLern was happily snapping away with his big-assed camera.

Samsons' at their meet-the-fans session.

Samsons with some fans.

Next to come on stage was Sheila On 7. They were really great! Very energetic and they had a good rapport with the audience. I didn't know most of their songs but I really enjoyed it nevertheless.

Akhdiyat leading the sing-a-long. He's giving the audience his approval!

I also noticed some weird people in the audience doing strange stuff. Some of them who were at the front were like, climbing all over each other and waving banners and T-shirts, and then they were falling over each other.... -_-'' erm, maybe all concerts in Indonesia are like that...???

Building higher and higher....

Sheila On 7 laughing at the jakun people

Like Samsons, Sheila On 7 also had a meet-the-fans session after their set. I even took a picture with Sheila On 7's lead singer, Akhdiyat. Hahaha...I so smart, there were so many people pushing and shoving to get a picture with him, but I just waited for him at the exit where there was no one around! Wakakaka!!! Suckers!!!

Next up after Sheila On 7 was Ungu. This time I lagi didn't know their songs but I still had a great time. They had a few technical errors early on into their set, so Ungu had to take a break while the technicians were fixing the problem.

Even their background is 'ungu'...hehehe....

Pasha. Cute...But on the short side...

While waiting for Ungu to come back on stage, we decided to go back into the tent and grab something to eat because it was dinner time already. And guess what??? I was seating like, less than 2 metres away from Ariel, Peterpan's lead singer!!! Woohoo!!! So there I was contemplating whether I should go and ask to take a picture with them, then I decided not to coz they were gonna have a meet-the-fans session anyway, and I can take a picture with them then. Or so I thought..........

So we were actually waiting for Peterpan to come on stage, which they did, at like around 9.30 p.m. I think everyone else there were also waiting for them, coz when they came on the people started crowding around the stage. My vantage point from the back even started getting crowded. Everyone were really into Peterpan's songs.

Ariel! He's so cute!!! *swoon*

With shirt....

Without shirt!!! WoooHoooooo!!!

At one point people started running towards the back...towards ME!!! So I also started backing up, preparing to run like mad...Then everyone started calming down. Turns out it was this big group of people dressed in black who were running around causing all the commotion. This put everyone on edge from then on. There was even once when a fight broke out and even the police came. A chase even ensued between the police and one of the back shirt guys, and they ran right in front of us!!! Scary! People were even more on edge after that. But everyone was still enjoying the show, so it was all good. They sang their popular song 'Mungkin Nanti' and right after that, they left the stage at around 10.10 p.m. They performed for less than 45 minutes man! :( Wanted more!!!

Oh know how I thought that I could take pictures with Peterpan after their set? Didn't happen! They cabut-ed straight after leaving the stage! Damn tak puas man! I. Is. So. Sad!!! Felt so cheated as I watched their van drive off.

We left soon after that also. We just couldn't stay for Slank's set coz it was getting really late.

BabyLern managed to get a picture of Slank in the VIP tent though...So at least we could say that we saw them... :)

All in all, I really, really enjoyed the concert. I surprised even myself. I enjoyed it more than the Blue or Good Charlotte concerts that I went to! At least this time I had a good view from the back where there are not so many people, and don't have to sniff any smelly armpits, or get my feet stomped into the ground. Aaahhhh....bliss....Sure, there were a fight or two. Or three. Or more like four....but hey, what is a rock concert without fights right?

Even managed to get a decent pic of myself...YAY!!!

*All photos courtesy of BabyLern*