Monday, August 17, 2009 | By: babedevil

Happy Graduation!

Ok, so I didn't get African Daisies...I got a bouquet of flowers but not African Daisies.

But I did get a camera!!!!!! OMFGEEEEE!!!! I is so Happy!!!

Received flowers from BabyLern, and was happy already, wasn't really expecting anything else on that day. Mana tau he asked me to hold out my hand. And when I did, he put a pink little pouch in it. I was wondering what it was until I saw the word '
Lumix' written on it. To say I was happy would be an understatement. Ecstatic would be closer to describing it, delirious even. Was grinning like an idiot. It was exactly the camera I had always wanted!

Sigh...happy happy happy.

It's actually not my graduation pressie, the flowers were the present. The camera was my early birthday pressie. *cough* Tomorrow *cough*

*big kiss* *big hug*
How not to sayang the fella leh u tell me??? U tell me?!!?!

I went around showing off my camera the entire day. Sorry for being so obnoxious, people! Can't help it. Hehehehe....
Friday, August 14, 2009 | By: babedevil

Graduation Day

Going for my rip-off convocation tomorrow. Didn't want to go initially coz of the rip-off charges, but my parents insisted. RM380 gone just like that. Who the hell charges RM95 per guest only for them to sit and watch the whole ceremony and have 'light refreshments' at 4.30pm??? Well, apparently APIIT does. Blardi hell, I might as well use that money to treat my parents to all you can AND I'll still have change after that.


Anyway, I was asked a few times what are my favourite flowers (most probably coz I think it's sorta a tradition to give flowers on a person's graduation day). And I realised that I didn't have one. Maybe African Daisies comes close, but I wouldn't exactly call it a favourite. I know for sure I don't like Tiger Lilies. Reminds me of big stuck-up, ostentatious 'tai tais'. African Daisies are more like fun-loving wild childs; carefree and friendly. :)

So if you really wanna get me flowers, I would prefer African Daisies. But I would actually really really love a wide angle camera... :D

Going out now to some steamboat buffet place in Sunway Mentari called RNC Seafood Steamboat where apparently, they serve cheese soup...yummy!

Friday, August 07, 2009 | By: babedevil

Another Scar

Yep. Another one to add to my ever growing collection on my body, as if I don't have enuff already.

Was just looking at my hand and I noticed that there was a red mark left by the ciggy-burn I got from Hennessy Artistry a couple of weeks back.

Thank you beeyatch for being such a noob fag-ger that you don't even know how to hold your fag properly so that it doesn't prove hazardous to people walking by. Now I have a souvenir to remember you by, wtf...

It's kinda in the shape of a heart though...if you look at it closely...and stretch the skin a little...and maybe tilt it a bit...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 | By: babedevil

Third Month In The Rat Race

Sigh...such a long time since I blogged. What to do, my office blocks practically everything! Can't even Twit, wtf...

This is currently my third month at work. It's ok I guess. Most of the days I'm just 'goyang kaki-ing' coz I'm not really assigned to handle the big stuff yet, being a newbie and all. So most days I just go around looking for things to surf online. FYI, my company blocked MSN, gtalk, Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress...well, basically everything that is even remotely considered as entertainment. Can't even use de proxy evasion website thingy that some people recommended coz they block that too. Haihz...So ppl, u r more than welcome to spam my email with interesting stuff to read. You may even printscreen a few blogs for me to read...a bit despo, but, thank you, thank you XD.

Well, thank god I have Ruby sitting next to me keeping me entertained and sane. My boss is pretty chiller too. What else would u expect from someone who has an eyebrow piercing? She smokes like a chimney, drinks like a barrel, and fancies herself as a German stolen at birth by an Indian couple. O.o Buys us McDs too whenever she calls McDelivery during tea time...wheee~~~~

My office is freakishly cold. Most probably coz Ruby and Boss are aliens from a sub-zero temp planet and they take sadistic pleasure in turning on the air-cond in our department full blast, just to freeze us lesser earthlings. And this is in addition to the centralised air-cond system that is already turned on! I wonder if the Vico/Ovaltine/some-chocolate-drink in the pantry makes people fat. Coz I'm drinking like, 2 cups a day to keep warm. Not like it worked, that's why I went and bought me a blankie from Ikea. <3

All in all, working life has been ok so far. I've even been exposed to some office politics already, but better not talk about it here just in case my collegues stumble upon this blog. :S