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"Are you clear?"

Dear readers, today's post will be dedicated to that special someone in my college, my lecturer whom we shall refer to as "Are you clear?" (or AYC for short). So guess what she did today that warranted me writing this post? Okay, here's the story...

Assignment submission was yesterday, and AYC said that whoever could not present yesterday could do so today...Just go up to the lecturer's area, give her a call and she will come out for your presentation. No prior appointments needed. after finishing work today, I changed and went back to college. It was about 1.30pm by the time I reached. so I thought of giving her another 30 mins, just in case she was having her lunch or something. At this time, I am dead tired, having woken up at 5.15am to get ready for work, and I'm trying to keep myself alert for the presentation.

2pm. Okay...time to go up and meet her. Went up, gave her a call, and guess what she said? "I'm in a meeting now until 5pm." WTF.....

"So Miss, I'll meet you at 5pm?"
"But at 5pm I want to go home already."
BlardiHellWTFOMGDiu....." on Monday...?"
"Okay, on Monday....."

Babi...I came all the way to college just for the stupid presentation, and now you are telling me that you can't spare some time for me??? Then why in the first place do you tell students that they don't have to make appointment to see you, and that they can just come up at any time to present???!!! Waste my eff-ing time only! I could have just gone home straight from KL Sentral after my job! I could have been taking a much needed nap right now!!! As it is, I can't even go home right now coz it is raining damn heavily outside. So I have to wait until it stops, and by that time, I have to join the rest of the working crowd in the jam, on the stupid packed bus....!!!

ARGH!!! Damn eff-ing tulan!!!!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | By: babedevil

Algorithmics = despair and hopelessness

Freezing my ass off in the library. Despair, hopelessness and my black shawl shrouds me. I HATE ALGORITHMICS!!! Or maybe I wouldn't be having such a problem with it if the lecturer did her job right in the first place...! So right now the due date is in 2 days time and I have written zip, nada, zero....And I have to go home now or else I'll probably reach home at midnight (ahh...the joys of taking public transportation). Gonna waste so much time on that stupid bus where I can't get any work done. Seriously feeling like just abandoning this whole stupid project and crap out some rubbish to hand in, who cares if it's correct or not....

Gawd, I feel like bursting into tears....!
Friday, May 23, 2008 | By: babedevil

2008: 1st post

Ello people! After a nearly 6 month long hiatus, I'm finally back!!! Gosh, this would be like, my first post for the year 2008! Okie, so a few updates are in order....
First of all, we had some new additions to the family. Introducing....

And why the name 'Blue'? Well, the kids wanted a blue dog, and since that is just naturally impossible, we named the puppy 'Blue' instead. BigSissy got her for Ty, sort of like a present to prepare him for another new addition...which brings me to.....


Isn't he just precious?!

And last but not least, Lilian (don't have a picture of her though...)!!! She married my cousin, Hong.

Welcome to the family y'all!

Then there were the not so happy stuff. 2nd Kau Fu was admitted to the ICU in March. Apparently something went wrong with his biopsy earlier that week and there was sepsis in his blood. So I was spending practically everyday at the hospital, eating dinner at 10pm only... -_-'' There was a time when 2KF's condition took a turn for the worse and 4th Yee started crying. It was so scary and I felt so helpless. I couldn't imagine losing a loved one just like that. This was also probably not the best time to tell Mumi that I had been to the hospital and the doc said that my lupus was relapsing. It just made her go into overprotective-mum mode. *Sigh* Luckily, 2KF finally pulled through, so after the 5th day in ICU, he was transfered to a normal room. I am happy to report that he is up and about now!

This year is also the year I started taking public transportation to college. Actually, I'm practically taking public transportation everywhere I go....Quite a big improvement from the last time I took one (which was like ages ago) but still leaving a lot to be desired. I have to take like 2 different buses just to get to the LRT station where I take the college shuttle bus to college. Average travel time = 2 hours. And I'm at the mercy of the bus drivers who seem to only start moving the bus when they feel like it. Also, if you wait for a bus at Kl Sentral, you'll come across a few bas hantu. These buses drive by without turning on their signs so you don't even know what bus number it is. So tu lan! It's like they don't wanna pick anyone up from that stop. And I don't get why some bus drivers refuse to let you on the bus at KL Sentral. They will insist that you walk all the way to the monorail station there to wait for a bus. In the rain summore. Like, WTF! Why can't I just get on the bus at KL Sentral?! So pissed off...

Next on the list, I finally got my lappie!!! After nearly 2 years of talking bout getting one, I finally went and actually got one!!! And it's pink!!! purdy...! And now I'm officially in debt. o.O

I'm in my final year now and am getting bombarded with assignments, not to mention my final year project. So I definitely have to get a laptop if I'm to finish my work. At least I'll be able to get some work done during classes where the lecturer doesn't even know what she's teaching about and only knows how to read from slides. Seriously, she'll read the slides once, turn back to the students, repeat whatever the slides said again, then she'll try to explain what the slides said (which she basically repeats what the slides says, substituting a few words with her own...) ARGH!!! There's so much bout her that annoys me! I guess I'll just have to dedicate a post solely to her....

And talking bout assignments, I've been dating these 3 guys like, practically every night. Coffee, SorryWrongNumber and SingingMan. Mind you, we were rushing to complete our assignments. You should see us once the sun goes down. We're like crazy people with laptops in front of them in the Syndicate Room. De-stressing you know....

Oh, and it was during one of these groupie sessions that my bag got stolen. My Guess bag. From the library shelf. And the stupid CCTV is totally and utterly useless. Luckily, I took my phone and wallet out of the bag. But my house keys, thumb drive and Morgan sunglasses were gone with the bag. My new Morgan sunglasses, the ones that I've had for less than 6 months. The only time when I left it in my bag instead of taking it with me. *bash head against wall* And the stupid thing bout it is the response of the person in charge of the library when I told her of the theft. The first thing she said was "The library is not responsible for anything left on the shelves." Babi you...First of all, you don't allow us students to bring bags into the library and you don't provide lockers for us to keep our bags safe. Then you have the gall to try and shift the blame of yourself. And the shitty thing about it is she didn't even immediately call the security guards or even call the big guy in charge downstairs to inform them bout the theft. She had the audacity to tell me to tell them myself. Like, hello?! Aren't you in charge of the freaking library?! Isn't it your responsibility to report when something happens in your domain?! And that stupid CCTV is only for show. The tapes can only show you all of the cameras' feed on one screen. You can't even zoom in to view a particular camera's feed. And the picture is so blur and shaky that you can't even see anything properly! So all I saw from the tapes was some fella (looks like a Chinese) taking his sling bag from a shelf, take my bag from my shelf and stuff it into his bag. Then he put his bag back onto the shelf, went into the library to a table to get some papers or something, walk to the other end of the library to a bookshelf, then went to the bag shelves, took his bag and left the library. All this under 1 minute! So people, Don't Ever Leave Your Bags On APIIT Library's Shelf!!! Leave it with the librarians to jaga. I just found out you could do this after my bag was stolen. #@\%^^&&* They don't even tell you that you could do that. Who cares if their counter will be filled with bags, just make sure that your bags will be safe. If your bags still go missing after that, you can probably even sue them coz they were supposed to take care of your stuff. If I ever catch that asshole mofo bastard who stole my bag, I'm gonna chop off his hands and make him eat them!!! *insert evil laugh here*

So, I guess that's about it as far as updates go....Back to work now!