Friday, July 27, 2007 | By: babedevil

Pictures of You

Moonflower reminds me of Australia,
Australia reminds me of you,
The park, where you secretly took my picture,
That long walk back to the apartment,
That night on the balcony...

One was born too soon,
The other, too late...
It wouldn't have worked out,
The difference was probably too great,
So now all I have is moonflower,
To trigger memories of you...

Friday, July 20, 2007 | By: babedevil

Why la...???!!!

I just found out that tomorrow Carrefour and Tesco are gonna sell the latest Harry Potter book at RM69.90....Like, WTF???!!! *bangs head against wall* JJ kept on showing me the ad in the papers summore =_="....First he showed me the Tesco ad....then he pointed out the Carrefour ad on another page....Babi, dah la kena stab, knife kena twisted summore.....*bangs head against wall again*
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 | By: babedevil

Still emo-ing...

Ok, I'm still in the emo state of mind, so sue me....

I've heard this song (Because I'm A Girl, by Kiss) before but never actually seen the video. My god, it was so touching! I actually thought that the photographer was such a jerk ass for leaving the girl after the accident, and that his assistant was gonna hook up with her...but guess I was wrong. Watch the video again, and the things that the photographer did will start to make sense....
Monday, July 16, 2007 | By: babedevil

It's coming, it's coming!!!

As you all know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published soon (21st July 2007). If you didn't know, which rock have you been hiding under la??? I've always pre-ordered all my Harry Potter books (5 and 6 anyway...) and was supposed pre-order this latest one like ages ago, but kept on postponing it. Until a couple of days ago, I realised that the release date was just around the corner. Shit! Don't care la, this weekend die die also have to go and pre-order it. So yesterday night, after dinner, forced SissyDear to teman me to MPH. Got there, placed my order, and was told to pay a deposit of RM70. Ok, no prob...Then when the MPH lady was writing out the receipt, I felt something nagging at me. Hmmm, something's not right...wait a minute...DEPOSIT! The last Potter book I bought, I was required to pay RM50 deposit, and the book cost around RM80 something. Shit, I forgot that RM70 is not the total cost of the book.

"Err, excuse me, but how much does the book cost?"
"It should come up to around RM120 or RM130"
"*gasp* Really ah???"
"So is it ok?"
"Err, ya ya...oklah..."

Sigh, it's hardcover mah, so I guess no surprise there. And I guess it's ok lah, since I'm collecting the whole series....I actually started reading the 4th Potter book first (BigSissy got it for me from overseas), back when no1 had even heard bout Harry Potter or JK Rowling. Then I went to Australia and bought the 1st 3 books, the 1st ever books costing RM20 each which I had bought with my own money. But donkey SissyDear took the books (1, 2, 3) to her boyfriend's place, broke up with him, then kept on putting off going to his place to get her stuff. Then when she finally got the guts to go and see him, he had already moved away. !#$%^&#^&* She janji with me to 'pou' back the books, but that was 3 years ago, and still no sign of the books....haih...

Well, can't wait for the 21st of July!!! Should I camp outside the store ah...??? Hmmm....

P.S I still refuse to believe that Snape is evil!!!
Friday, July 13, 2007 | By: babedevil


Feeling kinda melancholic lately....sigh...

Oh, and the video that I posted up (my 1st video on my blog!!!) is kinda long...So unless you're a sucker for sappy romance drama serials, I wouldn't recommend that you watch this....