Monday, December 05, 2005 | By: babedevil

I got the Volvo, I got the Volvo!!!

BigSissy went to Hong Kong yesterday. Before that, she asked Mum to stay at her place to take care of BabyTyler. And Mum said she wanted me to stay with her that means that I get to use the Volvo!!! And I'm not talking bout the old model Volvo, but the latest S40!!! I got the Volvo, I got the Volvo!!! *jumping up and down excitedly*

So psyched, I wanted to bring my friends along for a EmilyBoo, Celine, KinKin and GeekUncleMike to tag along....picked them up at the front entrance of college some more...too bad there were not many people to see my new hoo!!! But EmilyBoo told me that I looked very 'yeng' driving the Volvo......that consoled me a bit....wakakaka!!!